Jacky Winter

Its natural habitats are temperate forests, subtropical or tropical dry forests, and Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation.

The Jacky Winter is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

I am taking part in the new Jacky Winter show which opens next week in Melbourne, if you're in the area please go see it and grab a bargain limited 10 edition risograph for only $50. A percentage of all sales goes to MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES . More

The Jacky Winter Group 2009 Showreel from Jacky Winter on Vimeo. Video produced by 21-19. Audio: 'Circles' From the Album Q&A. Produced and Composed by Cornel Wilczek. Mush records, 2008 Bird Calls: Jacky Winter Posted in Agency News | No Comments » Entertainment for Men. More

with its founder, The Jacky Winter Group connects a broad range of contemporary Australian illustrators with an diverse international and local client base. Like the call of the bird itself (a clear two-note whistle of "Peter-peter-peter" repeated over and over), The Jacky Winter Peter-Peter will feature agency-specific news, as well as aim to be a general industry resource. More

Jacky Winter has been kind enough to invite me onto their books. It's humbling to be counted amongst the ranks of such a great bunch of artists. Let's cross our fingers that I can still find time to blog while pumping out five figure jobs for Apple and Coca Cola huh? You can check out all the great illustrators on the Jacky Winter site here: http://www.jackywinter. More

The Jacky Winter (Microeca fascinans) is a species of bird in the Petroicidae family. It is found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is also colloquially known as Postsitter for its habit of sitting on posts in paddocks and farms. It was previously known as the Brown Flycatcher but is more closely related to crows than to true flycatchers. Its natural habitats are temperate forests, subtropical or tropical dry forests, and Mediterranean-type shrubby vegetation. Sundown NP, Queensland Jacky-winter96. More

Event details: DAN KELLY with RAT VS POSSUM and JACKY WINTER at The Toff... - Description After craftily avoiding the festival circuit this year to build his industry mystique, power niche artist Dan Kelly will play a special show at the Toff in Town to preview his new band (featuring members of Ground Components, Augie March plus surprises) and preview new songs of his latest long player due in early 2010, tentatively titled 'Dan Kelly's Dream’ (though this does change a lot). More

Jacky Winter represents these artists: Amanda Upton · Andrea Innocent · Andrew Joyner · Beci Orpin · Ben Sanders · Christopher Nielsen · Clemens Habicht · Clever like a Monkey · Diego Patino · Dylan Martorell · Eamo · Edwina White · James Gulliver Hancock · Jane Reiseger · Jenny Grigg · Justin Maller · Karl Kwasny · Kat Chadwick · Kat Macleod · Kate Banazi · Kyla May · Lachlan Conn · Luke Lucas · Madeleine Stamer · Marcela Restrepo · Matt Davidson · Matt Huynh · More

The Jacky Winter Group 2009 Showreel from Jacky Winter on Vimeo. « Angle TVIncu Window Display – The End » Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Your email is never published nor shared. More

The Jacky Winter Group is an agency representing the best of Australia's illustrators. Inventive Labs builds super web apps and websites. Both are based in Melbourne, Australia. The name notepod was Max Wheeler's bright idea, and the Notepods themselves were developed in service of another idea altogether. More

Friends of Jacky Winter doing some amazing things this weekend, dont miss: http://bit.ly/94dvUA and http://bit.ly/aEOgv6 2:44 AM May 7th via TweetDeck 6. Trying to organise a Melbourne screening of the Lost series Finale for Monday, May 24. Anyone know of any cinemas or big screens for rent? 12:04 AM May 7th via TweetDeck 7. Contest to be my boss! http://bit. More

com Jacky Winter has not updated the profile yet. 45 Videos 0 Likes 0 Contacts 0 Groups 0 Channels 3 Albums See all 45 videos Their recent videos - * Luv your Life Luv your Life7 months ago * Problems Problems7 months ago * Platetechtonics Platetechtonics7 months ago Recent activity Jacky Winter has no recent activity. More

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Based out of Melbourne, the Jacky Winter Group was named after the Australian Robin which shares the same initials as its founder, Jeremy Wortsman. Since its inception the agency has done a superb job representing Australian Illustrators, many have since gone on to find work internationally. Jeremy’s work has been awarded by the Society of Publication Designers (US), and recognized in a wide range of international publications such as Creative Review, Tokion, Computer Arts, and more. More

Jacky Winter and the tranquillity of the Bunya Mountains will gently relax your mind and soothe your soul. Creating your culinary delights is made easy in the fully equipped kitchen. Large windows and doors open onto the secluded rear deck looking into the rainforest. Downstairs the 2 large bedrooms share a bathroom, while the upper bedroom has its own ensuite. Create your culinary delights in the fully equipped kitchen. More

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Jacky Winter doesn't have any testimonials yet. Joined: September 2004 Hometown: New York Currently: Melbourne, Australia I am: Male Website: http://www.jackywinter. More

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Pair of Jacky Winters on an old barbed-wire fence line (click on image for larger version) On a fence post, with its feathers ruffled by high wind... More

Jacky Winter is a native bird. I like birds, they dress well, fly in formation and don't talk shit. My real name is Phil Gionfriddo, but it's fun to play under another name as opposed to just saying that I'm playing solo. I play in two white-hot bands - Bowerbirds and Dynamo. I spent 4 and a half years playing with Spencer P. Jones & the Escape Committee, but stopped doing that in May 2007. More

Jeremy Wortsman has just begun The Jacky Winter Group, making good on an old dream. Jeremy's fantasy of corralling some of the most talented illustrators this country has to offer under the banner of an agency is no longer something he has to imagine, it has suddenly become very real. More

Jacky Winter Group Mixups Animation by Clemens Habicht by Jacky Winter2 years ago 26. Maximizing waste - By Pandarosa by Jacky Winter2 years ago 25. Maximizing waste - By Pandarosa by Jacky Winter2 years ago 24. Gothic - By Pandarosa by Jacky Winter2 years ago 23. Perspacial - By Pandarosa by Jacky Winter2 years ago 22. Perspacial - By Pandarosa by Jacky Winter2 years ago 21. JOSH PYKE, Private Education - by James Gulliver Hancock by Jacky Winter2 years ago 20. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Petroicidae
Genus : Microeca
Species : fascinans
Authority : (Latham, 1801)