Grey-headed Social-Weaver

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Original source: Pseudonigrita_arnaudi_-near_Seronera_Visitor_Centre,_Serengeti_National_Park,_Tanzania-8.jpg
Author: Pseudonigrita_arnaudi_-near_Seronera_Visitor_Centre,_Serengeti_National_Park,_Tanzania-8.jpg: Neil Strickland

The Grey-headed Social-Weaver is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Grey-headed Social-Weaver - Photo copyright by Nick Lowton Grey-headed Social Weaver Photo copyright Nick Lowton Social Weaver - Photo copyright Stefan TewinkelSocial WeaverPhoto copyright Stefan Tewinkel Baglafecht Weaver - Photo copyright Ross Warner Baglafecht WeaverPhoto copyright Ross Warner...... Slender-billed Weaver - Photo copyright Peter JaegerSlender-billed WeaverPhoto copyright Peter Jaeger Lesser Masked Weaver - Photo copyright Ron EggertLesser Masked Weaver Photo copyright Ron Eggert... More

English Grey-headed Social-Weaver French Républicain d'Arnaud German Marmorspätzling Italian Tessitore testagrigia World: Africa - found in the E frfom CE Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the southern areas o Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Kenya: Occurs W of 39°E in bush and open wooded habitats in dry regions below 1400m. There are 2 races present in Kenya. P. a. arnaudi (the race pictured on these pages) and P. a. dorsalis which is found in the SW of the Mara. More

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Author: JerryFriedman
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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Passeridae
Genus : Pseudonigrita
Species : arnaudi
Authority : (Bonaparte, 1851)