Angola Cave Chat

It is endemic to Angola. Its natural habitat is moist savanna, and it is somewhat rare due to habitat loss.

The Angola Cave Chat is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Angola Cave Chat, White-headed Robin-Chat, Swierstra’s Francolin and Gabela Helmetshrike – birds seen by only a handful of birders alive today. Michael Mills, who has spent several months in Angola surveying threatened birds, will be leading the tour. He rediscovered Swierstra’s Francolin in 2005, and is still the only birder, other than Tom Gullick to whom he showed the bird, to have seen this species. This trip is for dedicated birders, and will appeal to those with a sense of exploration. More

Angola Cave Chat: The bold, pied Angola Cave Chat Xenocopsychus ansorgei has captured the imagination of birders more than any Angolan species. Fortunately, it's reliance on rocky outcrops rather than forest, makes it one of the Angolan endemics most robust to habitat destruction. Monteiro's Bush-Shrike: The least-known member of Africa's impressive group of Bush-Shrikes, Monteiro's Bush-shrike Malaconotus monteiri is known only from a couple of forest patches in Angola and southwest Cameroon. More

Angola Cave Chat habitat on a Birding Africa Angola Tour (c) Patricia Maldonado Finally, we turned our attention to the central highlands of the Huambo province. En route we notched up Lepe Cisticola, a controversial split from Red-faced Cisticola, but the undoubted highlight was finding a pair of Brazza’s Martins, probably Africa’s least-known Hirundid, near where I had found them two weeks previously. More

The little-known Angola Cave Chat is one of the country's more unusual endemics (Nik Borrow) The little-known Angola Cave Chat is one of the country's more unusual endemics (Nik Borrow) Benguela Long-billed Lark inhabits the arid coastal zone of Angola, washed by the cold waters of the Benguela Current and in effect a continuation of Namibia's Skeleton Coast. More

Angola cave chat, a bird that forages among the rocks for beetles, weevils, and ants. Wild Side The little we know of this ecoregion comes in part from early European explorers who collected specimens for their home country More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Muscicapidae
Genus : Xenocopsychus
Species : ansorgei
Authority : Hartert, 1907