Rueck's Niltava

The Rueck's Blue-flycatcher is endemic to the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is known only from four specimens. Two specimens, an immature and adult male were last recorded and collected around 1917-1918 in secondary lowland forests in Medan area of North Sumatra province by the Dutch collector, August van Heijst. The other two skins are of doubtful origin.

The Rueck's Niltava is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Boise (255802) Rueben Philip Job (255803) Rueben Randle (255804) Rueben Riley (255805) Rueben Sandwich (255806) Rueben Wright House (255807) Rueben sandwich (255808) Rueber (255809) Ruebezahl (255810) Rueck's Blue-flycatcher (255811) Rueck's Blue Flycatcher (255812) Rueck's Niltava (255813) Rueckeroth (255814) Rueckers (255815) Rueckers, Family of (255816) Rueckersdorf (255817) Rueckersdorf, Bavaria (255818) Rueckersdorf, Brandenburg (255819) Rueckersdorf, Thuringia (255820) Rueckersdorf (Mittelfranken) (255821) Rueckersdorf (Niederlausitz) (255822) Rueckersdorf (Thueringen) (255823) Rueckersdorf (Thuringia) (255824) Rueckert-Lieder (255825) Rueckholz (255826) Ruecksicht (255827) Rueckumlaut (255828) Rueckweiler More

Blue-flycatcher, Cyornis ruckii, also known as Rueck's Niltava, is a medium-sized, up to 17cm old world flycatcher with a black bill, brown iris and black feet. The male has dark blue plumage, white belly, and shining blue rump. The female has rufous brown plumage, rusty breast and... More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Muscicapidae
Genus : Cyornis
Species : ruckii
Authority : (Oustalet, 1881)