Tawny Pipit

This is a large pipit, 16.5-18 cm long, but is an undistinguished looking species on the ground, mainly sandy brown above and pale below. It is very similar to Richard's Pipit, but is slightly smaller, has shorter legs and a shorter dark bill. It is also less streaked. Its flight is strong and direct, and it gives a characteristic schip call, higher pitched than Richard's.

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The Tawny Pipit is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Tawny Pipit, Anthus campestris, is a medium-large passerine bird which breeds in much of temperate Europe and Asia, and northwest Africa. It is a migrant moving in winter to tropical Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Tawny Pipit This is a large pipit, 16.5-18 cm long, but is an undistinguished looking species on the ground, mainly sandy brown above and pale below. More

Tawny Pipit is a British war film produced by Prestige Productions in 1944. It tells of how a sleepy English village becomes the centre of attention when a rare bird's nest was discovered there. More

being keen birdwatchers, discover that a pair of tawny pipits, which are rarely seen in England, are nesting nearby. Staying in the village, they enlist the locals to protect the nesting site until the eggs hatch. The villagers do so with great enthusiasm, led by the fiery retired Colonel Barton-Barrington (Bernard Miles) and the Reverend Kingsley. More

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Both male and female tawny pipits have the same plumage which, between late July and September, moults to reveal creamier coloured feathers (4). A distinctive dark stripe runs across the tawny pipit’s brown-black eyes, the slender bill is dark brown, and the legs are cream (2). The juvenile is a little more extravagant in appearance, having many more dark streaks along the upperparts, especially across the upper breast. Its wings are also of a darker brown than the adult and have whitish tips (2). More

the tawny pipit include a shrill chilp or chiip and a loud tseeep on takeoff. Around the nest it can be heard making a high-pitched tiji-tiji-tiji (2). Range - The tawny pipit’s breeding range extends from Europe eastwards into central Asia. It migrates for the winter to Africa, southern Asia and India (5). View a distribution map for this species at UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. More

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communityA tawny pipit was also found near South Stack, Holyhead, although yet again it was only a short-staying individual.days out: bird notes by Daily Post (Liverpool, England)They include the white pelican, normally located in Romania, the isabelline wheatear, from Greece and the East, and the tawny pipit from Spain on Anglesey.WALES: Rare stork flies high in N. More

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Tawny Pipit - Anthus campestris Pipit rousseline = Pipit rousseline Comment : le nid n'était pas loin... More

Tawny Pipit is insectivorous, like its relatives. The breeding habit is dry open country including semi-deserts. The nest is on the ground, with 4-6 eggs being laid. * Blyth's Pipit Anthus godlewskii : The Blyth's Pipit is a medium-sized passerine bird which breeds in Mongolia and neighbouring areas. More

a tawny pipit is a slender little bird that always wags its tail. It's also rather rare, so when a nest of them is found in an English wheat field, the local community goes batty trying to protect them. Charmingly harmless. More

Further to last night's posting about there being a Tawny Pipit at Hook Head(Co.Wexford),I decided to go down there today.In the absence of a lift,this involved getting a bus from Cork to Waterford,a lift from there to the river ferry at Passage East and then 2 lifts to get to Hook. When I got there,the bird had been searched for by another birder since 7am(I didn't get there until the early afternoon)to no avail,but we decided to check the fields again. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Motacillidae
Genus : Anthus
Species : campestris
Authority : (Linnaeus, 1758)