The systematic position of the Silktail has been a long-standing mystery.

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The Silktail is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

The Silktail is readily seen here along with other special birds, including the Orange Dove, Red-breasted Musk Parrot, Scarlet Robin, and Slaty Flycatcher. Our Golden Whistler dawn chorus is memorable! Download More Details about Silktail Lodge (also in Word 6.0 format), or contact Stuart Chambers at ... More

and the silktail, both of which are to be found on our island. In fact, the orange dove has been spotted on the estate of Daku Resort itself. A reasonable degree of fitness is required if you are to access all the sites; the two areas where the silktail and the orange dove are found are steep and difficult. We set out early on most days. More

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The Silktail, Lamprolia victoriae is a species of bird endemic to Fiji. It is the only member of the genus Lamprolia. This beautiful bird looks superficially like a bird of paradise but it is a closely related to the fantails. More

home to a large number of birds, including the rare silktail which is found in the eastern end of the island. We don’t have special birdwatching weeks; instead, we put together birdwatching excursions to places where certain species can be found. Keni Tadulala, one of our staff members, will accompany you. Keni is an excellent bird spotter but he is not an expert on the bird life, so please don’t expect deep knowledge from him. More

Silktail (probably one of the biggest disappointments of my birding career thus far!). We did however learn a valuable lesson - never leave yourself only one day to find something no matter how easy it supposedly is to find. I would recommend the Garden Island Resort over any of the other establishments on the island. This was (when we were there) run by an American couple who are apparently quite knowledgeable regarding the natural history of the island. Camping is another option. More

This review is from: Silktail: A Fiji Ecothriller (Paperback) This is a well crafted story clearly built from a foundation of real knowledge and thorough research. So while the adventure is a gripping, can't put it down piece of fiction it is grounded in an important awareness of more serious issues such as the environment and politics. More

The Silktail, Lamprolia victoriae is the only member of monotypic (one single species) genus Lamprolia. Description This is a small black bird with rounded wings, iridescent metallic blue crown and breast, silky white lower back patch and white rounded pattern tail.. The bird's beautiful appearance, superficially a bird of paradise look-alike, is actually a monarch flycatcher. More

The Silktail is perhaps the best known of our threatened birds and, fortunately is the least endangered of the four illustrated in this series. The Silktail is an enigmatic bird which for a long while puzzled taxonomists - they could not decide which its closest relatives were. For many years, it was thought to be a Bird of Paradise, because of the Silktail's iridescent blue-black plumage and silky white rump patch. More

Stanley Simpson’s review of Silktail in Mailife magazine: “Lacrosse has a gift in describing the details of a place, a character, or even a weather condition so comprehensively it’s as if he’s painted it all for you. Within the pages of Silktail he brings to life characters that anyone who has lived in Fiji cannot help but identify with or recognize completely. More

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back to topDividerHabitat, Ecology and BehaviourThe Silktail forages almost exclusively in the substage of the forest, very rarely ascending to the canopy and it very rarely emerges from beneath the canopy into open areas, paths, roads etc. It is an insectivorous bird which energetically gleans small insects from the substage of the forest and often descends to the ground or makes aerial sallies after slow flying insects. More

The Silktail is the bird that I, like most birders, have come to Fiji to see. Boro produces it almost immediately. At first light we veer off the trail to a spot where erosion from a stream has created a small delta of dirt and silt, about 30 feet across, on the forest floor. Here we watch 3-4 Silktails gleaning insects from leaves recently fallen onto the delta. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Monarchidae
Genus : Lamprolia
Species : victoriae
Authority : Finsch, 1874