Eyrean Grasswren

The Eyrean Grasswren is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

was rediscovered and quantified, the Eyrean Grasswren was thought to be a very rare "lost species" as nothing had been heard of it for about a century. I have not yet seen a single grasswren despite a couple 2-or-3 week visits to Australia. There is just so much to see in the land down under, and an attempt for any grasswren is an expedition in itself. More

#4 EYREAN GRASSWREN Amytornis goyderi Eyrean Grasswren was for many years considered a lost, and possibly extinct, species. It was discovered in 1875 but nothing more was known for nearly a century. Observers from Victoria believed they saw some in 1961 in an unexpected habitat: dune cane grass on low sandhills, but a specimen was not collected to confirm the rediscovery under 1976 (Schodde 1982). More

Eyrean grasswren (Amytornis goyderi) - Kingdom: Animalia Class: Aves Order: Passeriformes Family: Maluridae Listing Status: Quick links:Federal RegisterRecoveryCritical HabitatConservation PlansPetitionsLife HistoryOther Resources Lead Region: Foreign (Region 10) Date Listed: 1970-06-02 00:00:00. More

* Eyrean Grasswren (Amytornis goyderi) * Thick-billed Grasswren (Amytornis textilis) * Dusky Grasswren (Amytornis purnelli) * Black Grasswren (Amytornis housei) * Kalkadoon Grasswren - (Amytornis ballarae) References - * Del Hoyo, J.; Elliot, A. & Christie D. (editors). (2007). Handbook of the Birds of the World. More

The Eyrean Grasswren (Amytornis goyderi) is a species of bird in the Maluridae family. It is endemic to Australia. References - * BirdLife International 2004. Amytornis goyderi. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 25 July 2007. Stub icon This songbird-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v • d • e Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia. More

* 0 8 24 Eyrean Grasswren (Amytornis goyderi) * 0 8 22 Short-tailed Grasswren (Amytornis merrotsyi) * 0 8 27 Kalkadoon Grasswren (Amytornis ballarae) * * Family statistics 5 genera, 27 species - 90 files covering 3 genera (60%) 18 species (67%) 60 videos More

* Eyrean Grasswren in the Strzelecki desert; and * Grey Grasswren in the Bulloo River overflow. Other good species targeted during this trip are Red-lored Whistler, Black-eared Miner, many Honeyeaters including Pied and Grey-fronted Honeyeater, Chestnut-breasted Whiteface, Chestnut and Cinnamon Quail-thrush, Crimson, Orange and Gibber Chat, Ground Cuckoo-shrike and many more. Departure from Adelaide, South Australia. More

Eyrean Grasswren - Amytornis goyderi (Gould, 1875) - painting by W.T. Cooper (1977) Eyrean Grasswren - Amytornis goyderi (Gould, 1875) - painting by W.T. Cooper (1977); Image ONLY Email : E-Card | Poster | Web Master Delete Edit Info Admin Description Eyrean Grasswren - Amytornis goyderi (Gould, 1875) - painting by W.T. Cooper (1977) From: Oz Sailor-hstakenb@NO SPAM.bigpond.net.au (Oz Sailor) Newsgroups: alt.binaries.pictures.animals,alt.binaries.pictures. More

The Eyrean Grasswren, Amytornis goyderi, was until the late 1970s known only from specimens collected in 1874 at Macumba River, north-west of Lake Eyre, South Australia. The absence of records in the century since the 1874 collection had raised the possibility that the species had become extinct. More

chance at the Eyrean Grasswren which would be a highlight for any trip. And any old Gibber Chat would certainly make my day too. This is hard unforgiving country and is sure to put you in a completely different space. There are no background noises here, just the crystal clear voices, excited raised after seeing new birds for the first time....... More

Eyrean Grasswrens have been found in a variety of habitats but their real favourite is Dune Canegrass, Zygochloa paradoxa (pic 515216). I took this pic some years ago about 35 km W of Cameron Corner. Canegrass habitat occurs along much of this road but the thickest growth is the best place for grasswrens. More

the rare Eyrean Grasswren that lives in the Cane Grass on the dunes. (late evening is fantastic for photography on these giant dunes as the fading light changes their colour). Overnight: Bush camp DAY 6: Friday 11 July Big Red Sand Dune to Mungerannie We travel through deserts and sand dunes for most of the day, passing through a location where Grey Falcons have been found breeding. More

The Eyrean grasswren's nest is well hidden deep in the cane grass. Why does the nest usually face down the sand dune, away from the worst of the wind and sun? An Eyrean grasswren's well camouflaged nest in cane grass provides a more protected environment for its young. Photo: Scott Bradley, 1996 References Parker, S A, May, I A and Head, W. 1978. Some observations on the Eyrean grasswren Amytornis goyderi (Gould, 1875). More

found the Eyrean Grasswren next day at km 25 west, with excellent views and batting 3 for 3 with the grasswrens- little did we know! Orange Chat was a nice find, and Phil began to score Queensland ticks, with Little Crow just sneaking over the border from NSW and SA as a starter, followed by White-backed Swallow coming over the dingo fence into the correct airspace. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Maluridae
Genus : Amytornis
Species : goyderi
Authority : (Gould, 1875)