Golden Swallow

The Golden Swallow is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Golden Swallow (Tachycineta euchrysea) is a swallow. The Golden Swallow formerly bred on the island of Jamaica, but was last seen there in 1989 and is now restricted to the island of Hispaniola. References - * BirdLife Species Factsheet 1. ^ Townsend, Jason; Esteban Garrido & Danilo A. Mejia (2008). More

When he leaves the dart of the Golden Swallow at the murder scenes, the Golden Swallow herself (Cheng Pei-pei) investigates to see who is using her trademark calling card. She helps the young man battle the forces of evil as the corpses of the victims drip with rivers of blood. Our hero survives four knives in his chest, a bevy of bullwhips, swords, arrows and similarly outrageous misfortunes while riding a white horse and wearing a white robe that shows off his many wounds. More

who saves a golden swallow that transforms into a beautiful female ghost (Chung). The two fall in love, but their romance is threatened when her true identity is revealed, and Lao Chih-Chiu could end up a demons dinner! 5 stars chinese ghost story really good movie. loved it since i was a kid. still like it but as a classic. More

* The Golden Swallow, a Hero of Chinese folklore In film * Golden Swallow, a 1949 film by Shaw Productions * Golden Swallow (film), a 1968 film by Shaw Brothers * Golden Swallow, a 1974 opera film by Shaw Brothers * Golden Swallow, a 1975 romantic action film by Tai Film * Golden Swallow, a 1980 action film, released in the late 1980s by Golden harvest More

Golden Swallow is technically the 1968 follow-up to Come Drink With Me, the seminal work directed by King Hu, and it does feature Cheng Pei-Pei reprising her role as Xie Ru-Yan, the Golden Swallow. But as far as sequels go, this one is a little iffy. Sure, the film begins with our heroine befriending Golden Whip Han Tao (Lo Lieh) and Flying Fox Hu Zhen (Wu Ma), but truth be told, Golden Swallow is little more than a supporting character in her own film. More

Golden Swallow finds her peaceful life shattered when a suitor starts a killing spree in her name... Availability: This title is available at Reviews MIGHTY PEKING MAN'S REVIEW: "Golden Swallow" is the sequel to King Hu's 1966 masterpiece, "Come Drink With Me." Chang Cheh takes over the director's chair and transforms Hu's classic theatrical-style flick into an extravaganza of extreme violence, comic book-like gore, and larger-than-life characters with invincible powers way beyond belief. More

Golden SwallowGolden Swallow Hong Kong (1968), 35mm, 108 minutes, Mandarin with English subtitles Director: Zhang Che Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, Zheng Peipei, Luo Lie, Zhao Xiuyan, Yang Zhiqing Producer: Runme Shaw Showtime: 4/19 at 9pm at the Metro State Auditorium Picture of Golden Swallow A sequel to King Hu's Come Drink With Me, Golden Swallow takes its title from the heroine of Hu's film but, in line with director Zhang Che's (Chang Cheh's) proclivity More

Golden Swallow DVD Region 3 = Jimmy Wang | Anthony Wong (Actor) | Cherie Chung (Actor) | Richard Ng This product is out of print and no longer available from the publisher Related promotions: * This item is eligible for Free International Shipping This item is eligible for Free International Shipping This item belongs to: * Shaw Brothers DVDs More

Golden Swallow, which is not to be confused with the 1968 kung fu classic from Chang Cheh was the first and possibly best film directly inspired by Tsui Hark’s A Chinese Ghost Story, released earlier the same year. The production is first rate, but the central characters are lacking. As the story begins, we see the great Norman Chu (Duel to the Death) as Feng Ching Tien, a valiant swordsman erupting from a lake in spectacular fashion. More

Golden Swallow (Gam yin ji, 1988) was one of the first clones of in the internationally successful Chinese Ghost Story (Sinnui yauwan, 1987). It is pure hokum start to finish. Some visually attractive sequences are spoilt by the insistence on sustained high camp. Chinese Ghost Story was an awfully fun film despite its corniness. This imitation is even sillier but with a comparatively inferior cast & no originality. More

Golden Swallow is the triumphant sequel to King Hu’s landmark wuxia pien Come Drink with Me. Wuxia queen Cheng Pei-pei returns as the title character, but master martial arts moviemaker Chang Cheh takes over as co-writer and director. He brings with him his first-generation kung fu star Jimmy Wang Yu, fresh from wowing audiences with his star-making performance in The One-Armed Swordsman (1967) and his expert action directing team of Tong Gaai and Lau Kar-leung. More

» Golden Swallow Click on an Image to see the Gallery = Alternative Titles: 金燕子 The famed Golden Swallow returns in this sequel to King Hu’s Come Drink with Me, when an angry, powerful swordsman named Silver Roc travels about the country brutally killing evildoers and leaving Golden Swallow’s darts at the scenes to gain her attention. More

Assassin, Golden Swallow) to kung fu films (Five Shaolin Masters, Five Venoms, Kid with the Golden Arms) to more modern period dramas (Chinatown Kid, Boxer From Shantung, The Generation Gap) to lavish costume epics (The Water Margin, The Heroic Ones, Boxer Rebellion). More

* Glimmers Q&A - The golden swallow was made during the Breaking to detect a man channeling alone. Since a man linked to a woman was, by definition, "safe," it does not detect saidin linked to saidar. * WH,Ch35 - Cadsuane uses the golden swallow to track the Forsaken as they try to attack. More

Golden SwallowOverview and Synopsis = * Overview * Showtimes * Synopsis * Fan Reviews * Cast + Crew Want a free ticket? Letters to Juliet Sweeps Enter for a chance to win a hometown screening! Shrek 4 Fandango Bucks Limited Edition Shrek Gift Cards! Makes a great gift or souvenir. More

who saves a golden swallow that transforms into a beautiful Sold out!This product is not in stock. We will notify you when this product is in stock. Please enter your email address below, then click 'Submit'. People who viewed this also viewedCapoeira Workout (DVD) Capoeira Workout (DVD) Today: EUR 11.65 The Karate Kid (DVD) The Karate Kid (DVD) Today: EUR 10.91 Bulletproof Monk (DVD) Bulletproof Monk (DVD) Today: EUR 11. More

To be fair, Golden Swallow does have its moments. The direction is fine, the sets are crisp and detailed. I quite liked the ghostly ambience the film gave off. If only it wasn't accompanied by such a foul smell. Golden Swallow starts out promising enough. A warrior (Norman Chu) leaps out of the ocean and into a boat being propelled toward the evil Black Mountain. He dispatches the boatman with grim efficiency, then arrives in the dark mountain forest. More

Golden Swallow / Gam yin ji - (1988, 1:85, O Sing-Pui) * – Moments of Interest To complain that “Golden Swallow” (a 1988 production not to be confused with the 1968 film directed by Zang Che) borrows heavily from Tsui Hark’s and Ching-Siu Tung’s “A Chinese Ghost Story” is not an entirely accurate criticism. More

who saves a golden swallow that transforms into a beautiful female ghost (Chung). More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Hirundinidae
Genus : Tachycineta
Species : euchrysea
Authority : (Gosse, 1847)