Desert Finch

This bird breeds in the Canary Islands, across north Africa, and in the Middle East and into central Asia. There is a small European population in southern Spain. Many birds are largely resident, but there is post-breeding dispersal, and some Asian breeders migrate into Pakistan for the winter.

The Desert Finch is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Desert Finch (Carduelis obsoleta), sometimes called Lichtenstein's Desert Finch, is a large brown true finch found in southern Eurasia. Its taxonomy is confused, and it has formerly been placed in Fringilla, Bucanetes, Rhodospiza and Rhodopechys. It has an average wingspan of 26 centimetres (10 in). It has a stout black bill, black and white remiges and rectrices, and a slash of rosy-pink on each wing. More

the greenfinches and the Desert Finch (which lived around 6 million years ago) was a species of semiarid habitat which subsequently diverged into a truly desert-adapted lineage, today represented by the Desert Finch, and the ancestor of a woodlands lineage, the greenfinches. The distinctness of the Desert Finch from the other Rhodopechys species was recognized as early as 1888 by Sharpe, but it was not until now that its true affinities were determined. More

Browse: Home / Birds / Desert Finch in Kazakhstan Desert Finch in Kazakhstan - By Corey • May 18, 2009 • 15 comments On our last day in Kazakhstan we birders traveled hundreds of kilometers to the east of Almaty in order to explore the desert environment there. And while many birds were viewed, none were quite as fascinating to me as the two pink-winged finches we spotted, the Desert Finch and the Mongolian Finch. More

Browse: Home / Birds / Desert Finch in Arkansas (!?!?!) Desert Finch in Arkansas (!?!?!) - By Corey • January 5, 2010 • 12 comments I have seen Desert Finches exactly once. They were in Kazakhstan, where they belong. Desert Finches have never been reported anywhere in the western hemisphere and have definitely not shown up in the southern United States. More

In: Desert Finch Ca: Pinsà rosat del desert Da: Ørkenfinke De: Weißflügelgimpel Es: Camachuelo desertícola Fi: peltotulkku Fr: Roselin de Lichtenstein It: Trombettiere di Lichtenstein Nl: Vale Woestijnvink No: Svartnebbfink Pt: Asa-rosada Sv: Ökenfink US: Desert Finch Ru: Буланый вьюрок Bird News Extra subscribers should log in to view an enhanced species page. More

First record of Desert Finch for Mongolia - A. Braunlich When checking a flock of Twite in a poplar plantation in Khovd today, I discovered a larger, plain brown finch among them. I immediately identified it as DESERT FINCH Rhodospiza obsoleta by its sandy-brown plumage, the thick black bill and the pink/white markings in the wing. After taking a few photos it flew away. I relocated it a while later, then resting together with Eurasian Tree Sparrows at the edge of a road. More

Desert Finch breeds and occurs on migration in southern half of Kazakhstan, in north probably to Beyneu, Kazalinsk, Dzhezkazgan; positively up to Dzambul-Gora and northern Betpak-Dala (Zhideli natural boundary), Ile delta and Zharkent. In 1968 it appears in Ucharal; in 1978 at Makanchi village; in summer 1962 observed on Mangyshlak at spring Karabota (where now it is common in places) and in 1965 on western chink of Ustyurt in Manata natural boundary. More

Desert Finch Rhodospiza obsoleta - Adult male in breeding plumage Desert Finch Photographer : More

Desert Finch, , Turkey July 2004 © Surfbirds Admin copyright Matt Mulvey - see our report at surfbirds Send this as a postcard Desert Finch - Desert Finch, Turkey, Halfeti June 2009 © Peter Alfrey Trip blog and more pics Desert Finch - Desert Finch, Craighead County Arkansas, Jonesboro 01/01/2010 © Ron Howard Desert Finch - Desert Finch, More

Desert Finch – photographed in 2004 by tour leader James P. Smith - Israel tour prices * Total price: £1250 * Air price only: £200 * Ground price: £1050 * Single supplement: £140 * Deposit: £250 Link to Universal Currency Converter - www.xe. More

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Original source: Flickr user Alastair Rae. Photo uploaded to commons by user ltshears external linkPasseriformes
Family : Fringillidae
Genus : Bucanetes
Species : githagineus
Authority : (Lichtenstein, 1823)