American Tree Sparrow

The American Tree Sparrow, Spizella arborea, is a medium-sized sparrow.

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The American Tree Sparrow is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The American Tree Sparrow, Spizella arborea, is a medium-sized sparrow. Adults have a rusty cap and grey underparts with a small dark spot on the breast. They have a rusty back with lighter stripes, brown wings with white bars and a slim tail. Their face is grey with a rusty line through the eye. Their flanks are splashed with light brown. They are similar in appearance to the Chipping Sparrow. More

The American Tree Sparrow is not afraid of the cold! Present in Canada and the United States during the nesting period, it nests essentially in the Nouveau-Qu More

The American Tree Sparrow has a particularly large range, reaching up to 5 million square kilometers around the world. This species of bird is native to the United States and Canada. It has been seen in Saint Pierre as well. The population of the American Tree Sparrow is around 26 million individual birds worldwide. The concern regarding possible population decline for this bird is not grave in terms of possible decline. More

american tree sparrow american tree sparrow Click on an image for a larger picture. More

Iowa alone, American Tree Sparrows consumed 875 tons of weed seeds annually. Since then, farmers have considered the American Tree Sparrow and other members of its tribe to be valuable economic allies. One researcher found that in an 18-inch square of weeds, tree sparrows were so thorough consuming the weed seeds, they missed only 6 seeds, leaving 1,130 half seed shells in their wake. These little guys are like weed seed vacuums. More

The American Tree Sparrow is a common winter visitor in backyards all across southern Canada and the northern United States. Despite its common name, it forages on the ground, nests on the ground, and breeds primarily above treeline in the far North. More

* American Tree Sparrow Information and Photos - South Dakota Birds and Birding * American Tree Sparrow Species Account - Cornell Lab of Ornithology * American Tree Sparrow - Spizella arborea - USGS Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. More

American Tree SparrowMarch 20, 2009 - The American tree swallow seems to have departed. Last year we have pictures of this bird as late as April 8th. It's been noted that when he goes, the chipping sparrow arrives. In 2008 this smaller bird made an appearance on April 6th. They overlapped by two days. I wish I had captured the two birds together in a photo to compare the differences "in person" . More

North American RangeThe American Tree Sparrow is a small sparrow with a long notched tail. The adult has a streaked back and wings, with two white wing bars, but is otherwise unstreaked, while the juvenile is streaky overall. Adults have an unstreaked gray-brown breast and belly, with a dark spot in the center. The tail, rump, and nape of the neck are all solid gray. The upper mandible of the bill is dark and the lower is yellow. More

A medium-sized sparrow, the American Tree Sparrow summers in the near-perpetual sunshine of northern Canada and Alaska, moving into much of the northern United States during the winter. Breeding and wintering ranges of the American Tree Sparrow do not overlap, so all individuals are migratory. Migration takes place mostly at night, and often in flocks. Male American Tree Sparrows often winter farther north than females. American Tree Sparrows winter throughout much of the northern and central U.S. More

Bent Life History for the American Tree Sparrow - the common name and sub-species reflect the nomenclature in use at the time the description was written. TREE SPARROW SPIZELLA ARBOREA (Wilson) The following subspecies are discussed in these sections: Spizella arborea arborea (Wilson) and S. a. ochracea Brewster. Contributed by A. MARGUERITE BAUMGARTNER HABITS To anyone who has tramped our snowy fields and brushy hedgerows in winter, the little tree sparrow is a familiar and beloved bird. More

The American Tree Sparrow (Spizella arborea) is a common, migrating songbird that lives in much of North America. It breeds in northern Canada but winters in the United States. Its song is a rapid, chirping warble. Anatomy: The American Tree Sparrow is about 6 inches (15 cm) long. It has a long tail and a red-brown cap. It is distinguished by a dark spot in the center of its breast, and frosty edges on the wings and tail. More

The American tree sparrow is known as the "winter chippie" for two reasons: It (1) is a winter visitor to Pennsylvania and northern U.S. (and prefers to return to the high arctic for nesting and (2) resembles the chipping sparrow, inasmuch as it is small, brightly colored (for a sparrow), has a red cap, and a dark eye line. More

American Tree Sparrow at Crab Tree Nature Center, Cook County Illinois - 3/2/08 Tags: Sort By Videos in "Birds" category Eastern Kingbir...Eastern Kingbird being blown in Wind - Burnidge Forest Preserve, Elgin, Il, - 7/11/08 Savannah Sparro...Savannah Sparrow at Burnidge Forest Preserve, Elgin, Il, at sunnset - 7/11/08 Willow Flycatch... More

American Tree Sparrow ID TipsIdentification tips for the American Tree Sparrow Range Map: (Click map to enlarge.) American Tree Sparrow Winter Map USGS Winter Map (CBC) Additional photos and information: Chipper Woods Bird Observatory Detailed photos taken as the sparrows were banded. Description, nesting behavior, banding recoveries, conservation status. More

american tree SparrowThe American tree sparrow is 5-6 inches in length with a wingspan of 8-9 inches. It has a gray breast with a black patch, and a gray belly and rump. It has a gray head with a chestnut colored cap and streak near its eyes. It has brown wings with two white bars. It has a small bill and a slightly notched tail. The Americn tree sparrow and the chipping sparrow look alike, but the chipping sparrow lacks the black patch on its breast. More

American Tree Sparrow has grey head and nape, and rufous crown. We can see rufous eyeline behind eye. Throat and breast are grey, with dark central spot on breast. It has rufous patches on breast sides. Back and scapulars are streaked black and rufous. Tail in notched, with outer feathers slightly edged in white. Underparts are greyish-white with buffy sides. More

The first American Tree Sparrows typically arrive in late October, and within a week, Chipping Sparrows depart. Conversely, American Tree Sparrows depart in late March, within a week of the Chipping Sparrow's arrival. As a result, it is rare to see American Tree Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows in the same location. American Tree Sparrow Range Map American Tree Sparrows are approximately 6 inches (15 centimeters) in length. More

The American Tree Sparrow is one of the seven species of Spizella sparrows found in North America. Its name is misleading as they spend little time in trees. Related species include the Chipping, Field, Black-chinned, Brewer More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Emberizidae
Genus : Spizella
Species : arborea
Authority : (Wilson, 1810)