Australian Magpie

Gymnorhina tibicen

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The Australian Magpie is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen) is a medium-sized black and white passerine bird native to Australia and southern New Guinea. A member of the Artamidae, it is closely related to the butcherbirds. At one stage, the Australian Magpie was considered to be three separate species, although zones of hybridisation between forms reinforced the idea of a single species with several subspecies, nine of which are now recognised. The adult Australian Magpie is a fairly robust bird ranging from 37–43 cm (14. More

Australian magpies are bold, gregarious birds in settled areas, adapting to human habitation and benefitting from the clearing of land for rural purposes. Also sedentary and hold territory year-round according to social order; top males occupy and defend optimal territories that include one to several females, while at the bottom rung are loose, locally mobile flocks (of about 10 to 100 or more) of juveniles evicted from parental territories and adults that have not yet gained or have lost territorial status. More

The Australian magpie is not actually related to the more well-known magpie of the Northern Hemisphere. The Australian magpie is closely related to currawongs and butcherbirds. There are many subspecies of Australian magpie, though almost all have sexually dimorphic black and white plumage. The magpie is omnivorous, and will take hand outs from humans; they become semi-tame quite easily. Magpies in Australia are known for their beautiful caroling call. More

Australian magpieReduce text size Increase text size Print this page About this publication Australian magpie = September 2002 - What do Australian magpies look like? - The magpie is a common bird, seen in parks and suburban gardens across many parts of Australia. More

The Australian Magpie has one of the world's most complex bird songs. Facts and figures Research Species: Yes Minimum size: 36 cm Maximum size: 44 cm Average size: 40 cm Average weight: 317 g Calls A loud musical flute-like song, often performed as a duet or by groups. An uncommon alternative name for the Australian Magpie is Flute Bird. More

The Australian Magpie is omnivorous, with the bulk of its varied diet made up of invertebrates (insects, worms, etc.). It is generally sedentary and territorial throughout its range. Habitat Common and widespread, it has adapted well to human habitation and is a familiar bird of parks, gardens and farmland in Australia and New Guinea. Magpies were introduced into New Zealand in the 1860s and are proving to be a pest by displacing native birds. More

Australian Magpie - photographer Dr Kerry RodgersIntroduced from Australia between 1864 More

Australian magpie - black-and-white oscine birds that resemble magpiesoscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatusCracticidae, family Cracticidae - Australian birds formerly included in the family Laniidaebutcherbird - large carnivorous Australian bird with the shrike-like habit of impaling prey on thornsbell magpie, currawong - bluish black fruit-eating bird with a bell-like callGymnorhina tibicen, piping crow, piping crow-shrike - crow-sized black-and-white bird; a good mimic often caged How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, More

Australian Magpies (race "tibicen") are one of the most common birds in our area near Narrabri, New South Wales. They are territorial birds, which live in their territories in family units of normally up to 10 members. Also sighted on a trip to the east of the dividing range, in the area from Armidale to Dorrigo, New South Wales. Seen by us also on a trip to outback NSW and South Australia in March 2008, basically everywhere we went. More

The Australian Magpie is black and white, but the plumage pattern varies across its range. Its nape, upper tail and shoulder are white in males, grey in females. Across most of Australia, the remainder of the body is black. In the south-east, centre, extreme south-west and Tasmania, the back and rump are entirely white. The eye of adult birds is chestnut brown. More

Image: Australian Magpie Illustration - Add comment Add tags Australian Magpie Illustration Description Australian Magpies are black and white birds that live in areas with trees, including towns and cities and bushland all over Australia. They have red-brown eyes and feet with one toe facing backwards and three toes facing forwards. More

The Australian Magpie, Gymnorhina tibicen is a medium-sized black and white bird, closely related to the butcherbirds and currawongs in the Artamidae family. Early European settlers named it for its black and white coloration, similar to the familiar European magpie, which is a more distant relative. Familiar birds around Australia and New Guinea, magpies were introduced into New Zealand in the 1860s and are proving to be a pest by displacing native birds. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Cracticidae
Genus : Gymnorhina
Species : tibicen
Authority : (Latham, 1801)