The ʻalalā is now extinct in the wild. Prior to this, the species was found only in the western and southeastern parts of the island of Hawaiʻi.

The Alala is classified as Extinct in the Wild (EW), known only to survive in cultivation, in captivity or as a naturalized population (or populations) well outside the past range.

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alala pronunciation /ˌɑ lɑˈlɑ/ Show Spelled Show IPA –nouna dull, brownish-tinged crow that occurs only in Hawaii. Use alala in a SentenceSee images of alalaSearch alala on the Web - Origin: < Hawaiian ʿalalā; as homonymous v., to caw, scream Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010. More

Alala, (Greek: Ἀλαλά; "battle-cry" or "war-cry"), was the female personification of the war cry in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Polemos. Her name, ironically "dumb, mute, speechless" (from the Greek ἄλαλος, alalos), she was an attendant of the war god Ares and the daughter of Polemos, the daemon of War. In Greek mythology, Ares' war cry was her name, "Alale alala". Greek soldiers adopted this and would cry out her name as their battle cry. More

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passe, somebody sure needs to tell Joe Alala, chief executive of CapitalSouth Partners, a Charlotte-based private... Share | more ▼ Honolulu Star Bulletin | 1 month ago $2M in federal funds aims to rescue Mauna Loa birds - ...the multimillion-dollar influx are among those given top priority by officials and conservationists. One, the alala or Hawaiian crow, is already extinct in the wild. There are only 67... More

A draft revised recovery plan for the alala or Hawaiian crow was released today by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for public review and comment. The alala is one of Hawaii More

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Alala Map — Satellite Images of Alala = original name: Alala geographical location: East Timor, Asia geographical coordinates: 8° 30' 52" South, 126° 26' 20" East Book your hotel in Alala » Best Price Guaranteed!No booking fees. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Corvidae
Genus : Corvus
Species : hawaiiensis
Authority : Peale, 1848