Rufous-eared Warbler

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Author: Flickr user Alastair Rae . Photo uploaded to commons by user ltshears

The Rufous-eared Warbler is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Rufous-eared Warbler (Malcorus pectoralis) is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. It is found in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. It is the only species in the genus Malcorus. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland. Source - Search Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Malcorus pectoralis * BirdLife International 2004. Malcorus pectoralis. More

Rufous-eared Warbler (Malcorus pectoralis ) Rufous-eared Warbler Common Name Rufous-eared Warbler Scientific Name Malcorus pectoralis Order Charadriiformes Family Cisticolidae Genus Malcorus Species M. More

* Rufous-eared Warbler/Sam Woods Male bird perched on a bush. Karoo National Park, Western Cape Province, South Africa (ssp pectoralis) Sam Woods 2 October 2009 21 weeks ago 3.5 Sounds 1 recording * Bird singing Western Cape Province, South Africa Helmut Schenkel Br... 31 July 2003 16 weeks ago 4. More

Rufous-eared Warbler Malcorus pectoralis = Described by: Smith, A. (1829) Alternate common name(s): Rufous-eared Prinia Old scientific name(s): Prinia pectoralis Photographs near Brandvlei, South Africa - Jul, 2005 More

This rufous-eared warbler put in an appearance during a morning drinks break. We unpacked the coffee and choc chip muffins and there it was, alarm-calling at us and making it very clear that our presence was not required! Perhaps it was looking at that particular spot for a potential nesting site. These birds are endemic to their area, which includes most of the interior and stops just short of us. Anyway - we packed up and left it in peace. More

Rufous-eared Warbler, Chat Flycatcher, and African Rock Pipit. Habitats Flat karooveld and riverine bushes, cliffs and mountainous areas. Facilities Include a good network of roads, a bird hide, self-guided trails, 4 x 4 drive, night drives, accommodation and caravan park. Birding Maps, bird lists and directions are available at the reception. Bookings can also be made night drives. 1. Lammertjiesleegte circular drive (13 km and approx. More

Rufous-eared Warbler Malcorus pectoralis = near Brandvlei, South Africa - Jul, 2005 More

Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Rufous-eared Warbler and Chat Flycatcher. - Springbok: Goegap Nature Reserve known for Karoo Eremomela, Cinnamon-breasted Warbler, Karoo Korhaan, Dusky Sunbird and Ground Woodpecker. Nababeep and Spektakelberg for Layard's Titbabbler, Mountain Wheatear, Verreaux's Eagle and Ludwig's Bustard. - Namaqua National Park and Kamieskroon: Cape Penduline Tit, Damara Canary, Karoo Lark, Cape Long-billed Lark, Orange River White-eye, Cape Clapper Lark, Grey-backed Cisticola and White-throated Canary. (Floral displays here will be at their best when the sun reaches its zenith). More

Rufous-eared Warbler Malcorus pectoralis Trip List: Southern Ostrich Struthio camelus 2; African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus vociefrus 1; Black Harrier Circus maurus 2; Pale Chanting-goshawk Melierax canorus 3; Steppe Buzzard Buteo (buteo) vulpinus 1; Jackal Buzzard Buteo rufofuscus 7-8; Martial Eagle Hieraaetus bellicosus 2; Rock (Common) Kestrel Falco (tinnunculus) rupicola 4; Greater Kestrel Falco rupicoloides 2; Cape Francolin Francolinus capensis 6; Ludwig’s Bustard Neotis ludwigii 2; Three-banded Plover Charadrius tricollaris 1; Namaqua Sandgrouse Pterocles namaqua 13; Namaqua More

Rufous-eared Warbler Malcorus pectoralis Rufous-vented Prinia Prinia burnesii Swamp Prinia Prinia cinerascens Striated Prinia Prinia crinigera Brown Prinia Prinia polychroa Black-throated Prinia Prinia atrogularis Hill Prinia Prinia superciliaris Grey-crowned Prinia Prinia cinereocapilla Rufous-fronted Prinia Prinia buchanani Rufescent Prinia Prinia rufescens Grey-breasted Prinia Prinia hodgsonii Graceful Prinia Prinia gracilis Jungle Prinia Prinia sylvatica Bar-winged Prinia Prinia familiaris Yellow-bellied Prinia Prinia flaviventris More

Rufous-eared Warbler Malcorus pectoralis Bar-throated Apalis Apalis thoracica Chirinda Apalis Apalis chirindensis Black-headed Apalis Apalis melanocephala Yellow-breasted Apalis Apalis flavida Rudd's Apalis Apalis ruddi Green-backed Camaroptera Camaroptera brachyura Grey-backed Camaroptera Camaroptera brevicaudata Barred Wren-Warbler Calamonastes fasciolatus Stierling's Wren-Warbler Calamonastes stierlingi Cinnamon-breasted Warbler Euryptila subcinnamomea More

7352 Roodoorprinia - Rufous-eared Warbler - Malcorus pectoralis 7396 Afrikaanse Brilvogel - African Yellow White-eye - Zosterops senegalensis 7401 Kaapse Brilvogel - Pale White-eye - Zosterops pallidus 7542 Kaapse Grasvogel - Cape Grass-Warbler - Sphenoeacus afer 7549 Snor - Savi's Warbler - Locustella luscinioides 7553 Rietzanger - Sedge Warbler - Acrocephalus schoenobaenus More

Rufous-eared Warbler was common throughout the trip 14 December, Springbok to Cape Town After spending the previous night in Springbok, we began heading south towards Cape Town. After a bit of driving David spotted bustards in a field. We pulled over to watch the Karoo Korhaans and Southern Black Korhaans feeding in the field, when we noticed a flock of several hundred canaries in the same field. More

Kittlitz More

Picture of Malcorus pectoralis above has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.
Original source: Flickr user Alastair Rae . Photo uploaded to commons by user ltshears external linkPasseriformes
Family : Cisticolidae
Genus : Malcorus
Species : pectoralis
Authority : Smith, 1829