The Collared Apalis or Ruwenzori Apalis is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. Formerly in genus Apalis, Nguembock et al. moved species to a new genus, Oreolais. It is found in Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The Ruwenzori is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Poa ruwenzoriensis Lecanorales Usnea Order Meters 1500 2000 2500 3000 3200 3400 3600 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 5100 Sources: More

RuwenZori View Guest House is a comfortable, friendly, family-run place set within the backdrop of the breathtaking Rwenzori Mountains. Purpose-designed by a Swiss architect and run by a Dutch / English couple. It has welcomed guests from over 80 different countries since its opening in 1997. Conveniently situated in Boma, a lush, green suburb of Fort Portal town, the Guest House is within easy walking distance of the bustling local market, the post office and the town centre. More

Ruwenzori Health and Education Foundation Providing health care, education and training to the community Ruwenzori Health was founded in 2008 with the priority to support a medical clinic in the Ruwenzori region of Uganda, in the Kasese district. As well as supporting Kyemihoko clinic, the charity will employ outreach workers to visit families, communities, and schools to educate people about nutrition, hygiene, maternity care, HIV and malaria. More

Lying slightly north of the Equator, the Ruwenzori Range has a maximum breadth of 30 miles (50 km) and extends south-north for 80 miles (130 km) between Lake Edward and Lake Albert. The Ruwenzori Range falls steeply westward to the Western Rift Valley, while its descent to the east is more gradual, leading to the uplands of the western part of Uganda. More

The Ruwenzori is a group of six high glaciated massifs, located in a small remote area between Lake Edward and Lake Albert on the border between Uganda and Zaire. This is part of the African Lake District, west of the Great Rift Valley. The massifs are all topped with several icy summits and are deeply divided by narrow 3,000-foot gorges. More

Ruwenzori n (Placename) a mountain range in central Africa, on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre) between Lakes Edward and Albert: generally thought to be Ptolemy's ``Mountains of the Moon''. Highest peak: Mount Stanley, 5109 m (16 763 ft.) How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle, or visit webmaster's page for free fun content. More

Ruwenzori Batis = From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Ruwenzori Batis Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3. More

The Ruwenzori Mountains - or the Mountains of the Moon - rise to very high altitudes along the border area between the western Uganda and Zaire in central Africa. Apart from being one of the main sources of the Nile, they are among the strangest and most mysterious mountains in the world. The lower parts of Ruwenzori are covered with dense tropical rain forest separated by powerful rivers. More

Ruwenzori mountains in central Africa. This range has been linked with the fabled Mountains of the Moon, for centuries postulated to be the source of the Nile, hidden deep in central Africa. They are home to the third highest peak in Africa, Margherita, 5109 metres. I was climbing with Stephen Kelsey, from Johannesburg, and we approached the mountain from the Zaire (now DRC) side. Typical local transport. More

The Ruwenzori are some of Africa’s biggest block mountains. The mountain forms a border between Uganda and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), measuring about 120 km (75 miles) long and about 64 km (40 miles) wide. With the highest peak at 5,109 m (16,761 ft) high, the mountain has several jagged peaks that have made it an important geographical future in the region. More

johnstoni: Ruwenzori mountains and at Mount Kabobo (Dem. Rep. Congo), where originally described as T. j. bredoi. R. j. kivuensis: Montane forests of the Itombwe and Kivu Highlands (Dem. Rep. Congo), Virunga volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest (Rwanda/Burundi), and southwest Uganda. HABITAT Endemic to high mountain forest between 6,500 and 11,000 ft (2,000–3,400 m) on either side of the Albertine Rift. More

weather, saved Ruwenzori from exploration until well after the rest of East Africa had already been explored. In 150 AD, the distinguished geographer Claudius Ptolemy produced an early map of Africa on which a group of mountains just south of the equator were identified as Lunae Montes, or 'Mountains of the Moon'. They were shown to be an important water source, and were subsequently believed to be the source of the Nile. More

Ruwenzori (rOO"wunzō'rē) , mountain range, E central Africa, on the Uganda-Congo border, in the western arm of the Great Rift Valley between lakes Albert and Edward. This fault-block range is composed of ancient crystalline rock; Uganda's Kilembe copper mine is located in the range's eastern foothills. The snowcapped summits of the Ruwenzori include Mt. Margherita (16,798 ft/5,120 m) and Mt. Alexandra (16,750 ft/5,105 m). The peaks are invariably shrouded in mist, presenting an eerie aspect, and there are extensive glaciers and glacial lakes. More

Bergwanderung im RUWENZORI-Massiv (bis über 5000m hoch) mit den dort heimischen überdimensionalen Pflanzen wie Riesen-Lobelien, Riesen-Senezien etc. ist eins der highlights auf dieser Reise, nach dem Besuch bei den Berg-Gorillas in Ruanda, aber auch ein highlight in meinem abenteuerlichen Reise-Leben ...... einfach unvergesslich, die tiefgehenden Eindrücke werden einen sicher lebenslang nicht mehr loslassen ... - Zusammenfassung von 3 Teilen: ... - - TEIL 10: RUWENZORI-Märchenwelt-01+afrikanische Traum-MUSIK 1991/92-10 ... - - TEIL 11: Forts.RUWENZORI-Märchenwelt-02+afrik. More

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The Ruwenzori Mountains were so named because of the abundance of snow and rain that occur in their vicinity. The dry season is, in fact, only slightly drier than the wet season. The area is, therefore, rather difficult to traverse. In some areas the mud can be waist deep. The continual rain has, over time, carved out a number of beautiful lakes that feature a number of unusual plants. Some of these grow to enormous sizes. More

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The Ruwenzori Range was visited in 1889 by an expedition that was led by the British-American explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley, and the major peaks were explored and climbed in 1906 by the expedition of the Italian Luigi Amedeo, duke of Abruzzi. Several peaks rise above 4877 m (16,000 ft); the highest peak is Margherita Peak at 5109 m (16,763 ft). More

The Ruwenzori – Mountains of the Moon = Uganda's Spectacular Snow-Tipped, Remote Mountain Sanctuary - Share Article | Jun 19, 2009 Fleur Hupston Snow and glaciers in Africa near the Equator? Small but spectacular mountain range in Africa has high peaks and some of the most unusual plant life in the world. More

routes of Ruwenzori encompass a great many views of a number of great looking peaks. This tour is intended for folks who have at least one week to spend touring the volcanic chain known as "mountains of the moon. More

routes of Ruwenzori encompass a great many views of a number of great looking peaks. This tour is intended for folks who have at least one week to spend touring the volcanic chain known as mountains of the moon. Aberdares Treks The Aberdare Mountain Ranges soar to peaks of 13,000 feet and dip into deep, V shaped valleys with streams and rivers cascading over spectacular waterfalls, including Kenya's longest fall of approximately 1,000 feet. More

Start from Nyakalengaija Gate at the Ruwenzori National Park, to begin one of East Africa's most challenging and spectacular treks. Ptolemy had written about the 'Mountains of the Moon' nearly two millennia ago, but it was Stanley who first described them to the developed world in the late 19th Century. The Ruwenzori is East Africa's only true great mountain range, and it includes Africa's third highest summit, Point Margherita (5109 metres). More

Plan a Ruwenzori National Park vacation with reviews, tips and photos posted by real travelers and Ruwenzori National Park locals.Ruwenzori National Park Map • 0 Members Living in Ruwenzori National Park • 45 Ruwenzori National Park Photos • 0 Ruwenzori National Park Videos • 28 Ruwenzori National Park Tips Hotels in Ruwenzori National Park (10 Reviews - 2 Photos) Real reviews, rates and deals on Ruwenzori National Park hotels. More

The Ruwenzori Mountains, or, more romantically, The Mountains of the Moon, are located on the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of Congo, marking the boundary with Uganda. Ruwenzori is the third African highest mountain 5119m. Ruwenzori Mountains. Copyright WildlifeDirect.The Ruwenzoris are home to chimpanzees and others primates such as black and white colobus, Olive Baboons and Blue monkeys. These primates mostly occur between 1300m. and 2650m. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Cisticolidae
Genus : Apalis
Species : ruwenzorii
Authority : Jackson, 1904