The Rifleman, Acanthisitta chloris, is a small insectivorous passerine bird that is endemic to New Zealand. The bird resembles a wren in form but is not linked to the family of true wrens, Troglodytidae.

The Rifleman is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Rifleman is an American Western television program that starred Chuck Connors as homesteader Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son, Mark McCain. It was set in the 1880s in the fictitious town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory. The show, filmed in black-and-white, ran on ABC, from September 30, 1958 to April 8, 1963, a production of Four Star Television. It was also the first series ever to have a widowed parent raise a child. More

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I'm Mike DiMuzio, and I've been a Rifleman fan for most of my life. I wanted to create an Online Community for fans of the television series "The Rifleman", starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. More

The rank of Rifleman instead of Private was officially started in 1923. United States - In the United States Marine Corps, the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 0311 is for "Rifleman." It is the primary infantry MOS for the Marine Corps, equivalent to the U.S. Army MOS for Infantryman. The training for Riflemen is conducted at the U.S. Marine Corps School of Infantry. More

episodes, The Rifleman came to the end of its ABC trail on July 1, 1963. More

The rifleman is the most cosmopolitan of Acanthisittidae, fairly common and at home throughout most of lowland New Zealand, including the lower two-thirds of North Island, all of South Island, Stewart Island (off the southeast coast of South Island), and the Great Barrier and Little Barrier Islands. More

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The Rifleman: Boxed Set Collection 5 The Rifleman Box Set Collection 6 Buy Rifleman Episodes The Rifleman The Rifleman (Vol. 1) The Rifleman, Three TV Episodes Rifleman 9/30/1958 - 7/13/1963 ABC Black and White - 30 minutes - 169 episodes Sept 1958-Sept. 1960 Tuesday 9:00-9:30 Sept 1960-Sept. 1961 Tuesday 8:00-8:30 Oct. More

Rifleman is a private soldier in a rifle unit of infantry. More

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Rifleman Daniel Holkham, 19, from 3rd Battalion The Rifles, serving with 3 Rifles Battle Group was killed on Saturday in an explosion near the Sangin bazaar in Helmand Province. His older brother Matthew, 20, and younger brother Andrew, 18, were serving with the same regiment but have now returned to the UK to join their parents Rodney and Tracy. The family, who live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, said the death has left a "huge hole in our lives". More

As a ShackTac rifleman, you are the most fundamental element of our combat power. The proficiency you demonstrate is a key factor in the survival of yourself, your fireteam, your squad, and ultimately the entire platoon. Every person plays a role in the bigger picture, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. Our aim is to make even our weakest link into a skilled player. To this end, every player must be proficient and familiar with the role of a basic rifleman first and foremost. More

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1958 on ABC, The Rifleman set itself apart from most of the other western series of the period by giving its titular hero a family-and plenty of family responsibilities. Former pro baseball player Chuck Connors starred as Lucas McCain, a widowed westerner who moved to North Fork, New Mexico to carve out a new life for himself and his young son Mark (Johnny Crawford). More

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The definitive anti-aircraft 'Mech, the Rifleman was first fielded in 2505, making it among the first 'Mechs ever built. Its combination of long-ranged weaponry, including rapid-fire autocannons, and its excellent Garret D2j targeting and tracking system ensured it would remain a viable battlefield unit through half a millennium of combat. When pressed into combat against ground units, the Rifleman is merely adequate, suffering from light armor protection, poor heat management, and limited ammunition supply. More

The construction of the Leupold Rifleman was made as durable as possible so that it can withstand even the roughness of conditions. It has a great finish, made up of smooth and non-reflective matte black so it does not distract you or reflect and scare off your target. Aside from its body the optics of the Leupold Rifleman models has also been proven to be of high quality. However it has not amazed me when the Leupold Rifleman was tested for low light conditions. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Acanthisittidae
Genus : Acanthisitta
Species : chloris
Authority : (Sparrman, 1787)