Sooty rail

The Sooty rail is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA The Sooty Rail (Porzana tabuensis) is widely distrib- uted in the Pacific, but in American Samoa has been found only on the island of Ta'fi. This population was discovered in 1923 when 10 specimens were taken (Murphy 1924), but it has not been recorded since (Banks 1984). No Sooty Rails were found on Ta'fi dur- ing a survey conducted in 1975-1976 (Amerson et al. 1982: 64), and, as a result, it was believed to be extir- pated (Muse and Muse 1982: 83). More

dominated by sooty rail yards, the second being that terra cotta provided for easy cleaning of the aforementioned soot, and yet another reason was to hearken back to the gleaming buildings of the "White City" of the World's Columbian Exposition (of which Burnham oversaw the construction). santa_fe_9074.jpg 02 - East Entrance: "Progress" santa_fe_9076.jpg 03 - Light Fixture in Entry santa_fe_9079.jpg 04 - Elevator, Closed santa_fe_9081. More

to leave the sooty rail yards of Glasgow behind, and start again in a small Vermont village with Ellen's aunt and uncle. Yet within weeks of their arrival, Ellen finds herself abandoned, living with her inhospitable relatives and unwelcome in the town. Still, new adventures await as Ellen travels to Canada to live with her father's sister and her boisterous family. More

Rediscovery of the Sooty Rail (Porzana Tabuensis) in American Samoa (DjVu | PDF) JOHN ENGBRING, ANDREW ENGILIS JR. , Page 391 The Relationship Between Hylocichla and Catharus (Turdinae) (DjVu | PDF) KEVIN WINKER, JOHN H. More

Order : Gruiformes
Family : Rallidae
Genus : Porzana
Species : tabuensis
Authority : (Gmelin, 1789)