Adults Soras are 20–25 centimetres .

The Sora is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Deutsch: Sora ist eine Gemeinde in der italienischen Provinz Frosinone, in der Region Latium.English: Sora is a municipality in province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy.Esperanto: Sora estas komunumo de Italio, situanta en la provinco de Frosinone, en Latio.Español: Sora es un municipio italiano de la provincia de Frosinone, en la Lacio.Français : Sora est une commune italienne de la province de Frosinone dans la région Latium.Italiano: Sora è un comune italiano della provincia di Frosinone, nella regione Lazio. More

sora pronunciation /ˈsɔr ə, ˈsoʊr ə/ Show Spelled Show IPA –nouna small, short-billed rail, Porzana carolina, of marshy areas of North America. Use sora in a SentenceSee images of soraSearch sora on the WebAlso called sora rail, Carolina rail. - Origin: 1695–1705, Americanism; orig. uncert. Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010. More

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Concept Artwork of Sora by Tetsuya Nomura, as he appears in Kingdom Hearts (left) and Kingdom Hearts II (right). More

Soranus of Ephesus Sorata sorbate sorbent SOQAS SOQL Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei Soqotra Soqotra Soqotran Soqotran SOQPSK SOQS Soquel Demonstration State Forest Soquel Union Elementary School District SOQUIMICH Sor Sor Juana Sor Juana de la Cruz Sor Juana Inés More

The Sora is a small rail bird, and prefers to breed in southeastern Alaska, Newfoundland, northwestern Baja California, southern New Mexico, eastern Colorado, southern Missouri, central Ohio and Maryland in the United States. In winter months, the Sora will migrate southward to central California, southern Texas and the Gulf Coast, Central America and parts of South America. This species prefers areas of freshwater marshlands, flooded cultivated fields, swamplands and slough borders. More

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by *ync Sora pics Kingdom Hearts KH:Muestrame mis propios pasos by ~mixy-shiru +Kingdom Hearts+ by ~peachei 70- H E A R T S by ~peachei kh 2 wall by ~KairiNamineSoraRoxas Kingdom Hearts Cosplay What May Be by ~CosplayFan1 Thank You 6000 + by ~CosplayFan1 Sora is scared of heights by ~IKUTO-SAN11 Model by *Inufan078 Cosplay Fanfictions Kingdom Hearts Untitled Ch4 by *Darkiekun "Discovery - Kingdm Hearts CH5Sora yawned loudly, More

Sora, like many of .hack//sign's characters, is incredibly odd. Throughout most of the series, Sora seems to be the only true "villain". He frequently chases down players in an effort to extract their "information" (which might include their address or something else). He is also known as a Player Killer, which makes him stand out from others in The World. Of course, The World is mostly about cooperative gameplay. More

Cool Fact: Soras are rarely observed in migration, but John James Audubon described seeing migrating Soras in flocks sometimes exceeding 100 individuals. Listen to a recording (Real Audio) of the Sora from the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds. Sora The Sora is a handsome and distinctive rail of freshwater marshes throughout most of North America. More

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Back To Artist Sora : Heartwood Log in to add to your wishlist With a lush clear voice that entices us into a richly sonic world of ancient myths and mystic memories, Canadian mezzo-soprano, Sora, offers songs that embrace ancient lore and modern sensibilities. More

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Sora: Show yourself! Xigbar: Oh, it sounds like you haven't Xigbar: Sora! Roxas! Sora: Roxas? Hey, did he just call me Roxas? Xigbar: You've really put Organization XIII into a pickle, I guess that's why the Keyblade chose you, but man, did it pick a dud this time, you don't look like you're half the hero the others were Sora: Are you done rambling? Xigbar: Rambling? As if. More

SORA is the Southern Ontario Chapter of the American Statistical Association and the Southern Ontario Regional Association of the Statistical Society of Canada. More

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SORA: Winds of Change SORA: Winds of Change If you’re standing in a forest, tilting your head way back to glimpse the tops of all those majestic, thickly trunked trees, it’s just impossible not to be moved by their centuries-old resilience; the stoic strength that sees them through even the harshest storms that Mother Nature can unleash. More

Disney, we have this Sora plush from the game! This plush stands approximately 12" tall. Made of soft material, these plush are soft to the touch. Get yours now! Price: $19.95 SALE: $14. More

Sora/Riku fangirl, I've been making a lot of Sora/Kairi things.... This vid is my newest, hope you all like it! I love this song, so if you don't like the vid at least listen to the song! Oh, and pointless info, I took Roxas out of that one part and put Sora there. Sora's the one falling, not Roxas. More

Sora moki378 — 26 février 2006 — This video is dedicated to Riku and SoraCatégorie : Divertissement Tags :riku sora Chargement… J'aime Enregistrer dans Partager E-mail Skyrock Facebook Twitter MySpace Live Spaces Blogger orkut Buzz reddit Digg Chargement… Connectez-vous ou inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ! Publier un commentaire Commentaires de l'utilisateur ayant mis en ligne une vidéo (moki378) * IXLoveXRiku il y a 3 ans hey was chain of memoreys (i cant spell) on ps2???? More

Picture of Porzana carolina above has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.
Original source: Elaine R. Wilson,
Author: Elaine R. Wilson,
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Gruiformes
Family : Rallidae
Genus : Porzana
Species : carolina
Authority : (Linnaeus, 1758)