Tahiti Rail

Rothschild, 1907

The Tahiti Rail is classified as Extinct (EX), there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.

The Tahitian Red-billed Rail (Gallirallus pacificus) or Tahiti Rail is a poorly-known extinct species of rail. It once occurred on Tahiti, where, apparently on the second voyage of James Cook in 1773, one was acquired and described by Johann Reinhold Forster as well as painted by his son Georg. What became of Forster's specimen is not known. This flightless species was probably derived from the ubiquitous Buff-banded Rail stock. The Tahitian name was transcribed as ebōnā or ōmnā (see also below). More

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Order : Gruiformes
Family : Rallidae
Genus : Gallirallus
Species : pacificus
Authority : (Gmelin, 1789)