White-bellied Bustard

The White-bellied Bustard, White-bellied Korhaan, or Senegal Bustard is a species of bird in the bustard family.

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The White-bellied Bustard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

* White-bellied Bustard, Eupodotis senegalensis * Blue Bustard, Eupodotis caerulescens * Karoo Bustard, Eupodotis vigorsii * Rüppell's Bustard, Eupodotis rueppellii * Little Brown Bustard, Eupodotis humilis * Genus: Lophotis * Savile's Bustard, Lophotis savilei * Buff-crested Bustard, Lophotis More

The White-bellied Bustard, White-bellied Korhaan, or Senegal Bustard (Eupodotis senegalensis) is a species of bird in the bustard family. More

* white-bellied bustard, Eupodotis senegalensis Translations Any of several birds of the family Otidae * Afrikaans: pou * Bulgarian: дропла * Chinese: 鸨 (bǎo) * Danish: trappe da(da) c. More

White-bellied Bustard (Eupodotis senegalensis) = French: Outarde du Sénégal German: Senegaltrappe Spanish: Sisón Senegalés Other common names: White-bellied Korhaan, Senegal Bustard Taxonomy: Otis Senegalensis Vieillot, 1820, Senegal. Populations of S Africa sometimes treated as separate species, E. barrowii; this form has alternatively been known as E. More

White-bellied Bustard (Eupodotis senegalensis) - 3 photos 1 Kenya. July, 2000. 2 Kenya. July, 2000. 3 Kenya. July, 2000. More

White-bellied Bustard from Birds of west Africa White-bellied Bustard (Eupodotis senegalensis) I mistakenly list this stamp as showing Red-crested Bustard (Eupodotis ruficrista). The name on the stamp suggests it shows White-bellied Bustard (Eupodotis senegalensis). However, I think the thick grey neck, face pattern, short crest, white spots on the wings and white edges of the tail feathers all point to this bird being an Arabian Bustard (Ardeotis arabs). I think the black markings on the throat and below are shadows. More

White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis = * Home Expand Log in Menu item Register Menu item Log out Menu item Change login details Menu item Why register? Expand UK & Ireland Menu item Birding sites More

Stamps showing White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis 39.008 White-bellied Bustard IOC v2.4: 1236 Links will open countrypage in new window - Syria 08.12.2003 Birds Strip - NO IMAGE PRESENTED - Djibouti 16.06. More

White-bellied bustard in long grass. Location Mikumi National Park, Morogoro, Tanzania, East Africa, Africa Model Release No Photographer Mark Daffey Image Details Dimensions: 2605 x 4026 px Size: 22.06 x 34.09 cm (8.68 x 13. More

White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis = Masai Mara, Kenya - Jun 15, 2009 More

White-bellied Bustard Eupodotis senegalensis = Described by: Vieillot (1820) Alternate common name(s): Barrow's Bustard, Senegal Bustard, White-bellied Korhaan Old scientific name(s): Neotis cafra, Otis cafra Photographs Location unknown - Date unknown More

White-bellied Bustard, Eupodotis senegalensis Otididae (BUSTARDS) White-bellied Bustard, Eupodotis senegalensis This photo was taken in: Kenya This photo was taken with: Canon EOS 1D Mark II Notes on this photo: Samburu Game Reserve & Vicinity The photo was taken by: Bob Hawkins , Kenya reports Birdwatching trip reports from Kenya Birdwatching trip reports from around the world More

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Author: David Bygott
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Order : Gruiformes
Family : Otididae
Genus : Eupodotis
Species : senegalensis
Authority : (Vieillot, 1820)