The Brolga is a common gregarious wetland bird species in tropical and eastern Australia, well known for its intricate mating dance. It is the official bird emblem of the state of Queensland.

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The Brolga is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Brolga is one of Australia's two crane species, and is known for its spectacular dance displays by both sexes during breeding season. More

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brolga pronunciation /ˈbrɒl gə/ Show Spelled Show IPA –nouna large Australian crane, Grus rubicunda, with silvery-gray plumage and a red patch on the head, noted for its elaborate courtship dance. Use brolga in a SentenceSee images of brolgaSearch brolga on the WebAlso called native companion. - Origin: 1895–1900; < Kamilaroi or Yuwaalaraay (Australian Aboriginal language spoken near Lightning Ridge, N New South Wales) burralga Dictionary. More

The Brolga is a common gregarious wetland bird species in tropical and eastern Australia, well known for its intricate mating dance. It is the official bird emblem of the state of Queensland. More

MSA Brolga in 2001 MSA Brolga in 2001 Career (Australia) Namesake: The Brolga Builder: Australian Shipbuilding Industries Launched: 1975 Acquired: 10 February 1988 Decommissioned: 2003 Renamed: Lumen (1975-1988) MSA Brolga (1988-2003) Retriever 1 (2003-present) Reclassified: More

The curious dance of the Brolga is legendary, but we really know very little about this majestic creature. June is the month when Brolgas in Australia's south are making their way to the breeding grounds. In the north they're heading out with their new chicks to join massive flocks where new mates pair up for life. But there's a dark shadow hovering over our Brolgas with their numbers fast dwindling in Australia's southern states. More

The Brolga is sensitive to habitat impacts and changes such as loss of shallow marshes, which they use for breeding and altered flows of waterways. Populations have been significantly reduced since European settlement. They are the only crane endemic to the Australian region and tend to migrate between breeding and non-breeding sites. More

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Brolgas are tall birds that live in wetlands. They have grey feathers and a patch of red skin on their heads. They eat grass, roots, frogs and small lizards. A male and female dance together. There are two kinds of crane in Australia: the brolga and the sarus. Appearance The female brolga grows to be 95-100 cm tall, and the male 110-125 cm tall. Brolgas have long grey legs. More

The Brolga occurs throughout northern and eastern Australia and in limited areas of New Guinea. The Brolgas in northern and southern Australia can be regarded as discrete populations, but are no longer recognized as distinct subspecies. No systematic, range-wide surveys of the species have been undertaken, and so populations estimates and trends are poorly understood. The total population may range from 20,000-100,000 and is probably stable overall. The species still occupies much of its historic range. More

Photographed at Healesville Sanctuary, as the Brolga was preening. Healesville Sanctuary is a zoo specialising in Australian species. It is located in Victoria, Australia. * Wetland by degillett A pair of Dancing Brolgas fly over the Town Common, Townsville, North Queensland. More

Adult Brolgas have a bare crown covered with greenish gray skin. The face, cheeks, and pendulous throat pouch are coral red to bright orange up to about the eye. Eye color is orange to yellowish orange. The body plumage is light bluish gray. The primaries are blackish; the secondaries are gray. Legs and toes are black. Males and females are virtually indistinguishable, although males tend to be slightly larger in size. More

Order : Gruiformes
Family : Gruidae
Genus : Grus
Species : rubicunda
Authority : (Perry, 1810)