Great White Crane

This species breeds in arctic Russia in Yakutia and western Siberia. It is a long distance migrant. The eastern population winters on the Yangtze River and Lake Poyang in China, the central population at Keoladeo National Park, India , and the western population in Fereydoon Kenar in Iran. It breeds and winters in wetlands, where it feeds on the shoots, roots and tubers of aquatic plants.

The Great White Crane is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

and a great white crane rose out of the grass to take the spear through its midline. A great cry rang out from the crane as he fell to the ground with crimson blood staining his white feathers. I ran to the bird and clutched him saying, "Why, Why, Why?". The blood soon covered my clothes as the bird took his last breath. The grass had turned a crimson red. I laid him down and turned toward the man in black. More

* crane pictures - Great White Crane picture Add to favorites Great White Crane 1 cr. Similar * crane pictures - Crane Searching for Food picture Add to favorites Crane Searching for Food 1 cr. Similar * crane pictures - old elevating cranes picture Add to favorites old elevating cranes 1 cr. More

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Order : Gruiformes
Family : Gruidae
Genus : Grus
Species : leucogeranus
Authority : Pallas, 1773