Dusky Scrub Fowl

Many authorities include the Biak Scrubfowl as a subspecies of this species, but the two are increasingly treated as separate species. At the same time, many authorities consider the taxon forstenii a separate species, Forsten's Megapode , but measurements and molecular evidence suggests the two are very close, and arguably better considered conspecific. Traditionally, most members of the genus Megapodius have been listed as subspecies of M. freycinet, but today all major authorities consider this incorrect.

The Dusky Scrub Fowl is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

dusky scrub fowl when you explore the bird colonies in the volcanic caldera in the Zodiac (subject to official approval). While on Saipan, discover a paradise for snorkelling and bathing during a trip to the coral island Managaha. Guam, the largest of the Mariana Islands, is located on the Mariana Trench of the same name, the deepest point in the oceans of the world. Apra Harbor is a popular starting place for divers. Enjoy the day at sea on deck with a good book. Sat. More

The dusky scrub fowl has the largest ground nest. It’s about thirty-six feet across and sixteen feet high, using about 300 tons of material from the forest floor. If it’s humongous tree nests you’re after, the bald eagle in Florida builds himself a condo that’s 20 feet deep and 9-½ feet wide. It weighs almost three tons, so you might want to avoid walking underneath. Oh, good gravy. They really do make this stuff. More

Order : Galliformes
Family : Megapodiidae
Genus : Megapodius
Species : freycinet
Authority : Gaimard, 1823