Alagoas Curassow

The rare Alagoas Curassow was first mentioned by German naturalist Georg Marcgraf in his work Historia Naturalis Brasiliae which was published in 1648. Because of lack of information and specimen, it was considered the same species with the Razor-billed Curassow, until after its rediscovery in 1951 in the Alagoas lowland forests, Brazil. Following the review of Pereira & Baker , they are today believed to be a fairly basal lineage of its genus and closer to the Crestless Curassow, the other Mitu species with brown eumelanin in the tail tips. Its lineage is distinct since the Miocene-Pliocene boundary , when it became isolated in the Mata Atlântica refugium .

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The Alagoas Curassow is classified as Extinct in the Wild (EW), known only to survive in cultivation, in captivity or as a naturalized population (or populations) well outside the past range.

The Alagoas Curassow, Mitu mitu, is a large, up to 89 cm long, pheasant-like bird with a whitish-tipped red bill, black glossed purplish blue plumage, chestnut under-belly, reddish brown iris and fourteen pale brown-tipped tail feathers. It has a unique bare greyish crescent-shaped ear patch not found in other curassows. The female is slightly lighter than the male. Its diet consists mainly of fruits. They can reach an age of more than 24 years in captivity. More

growing tree, is almost as rare as the Alagoas Curassow, which is officially extinct in the wild. The vast forests that were the kingdom of the Mitu mitu are also no longer to be found, except in small patches, surrounded by the sugar fields. More

* Alagoas Curassow, Mitu mitu - extinct in the wild (mid-late 1980s) * Salvin's Curassow, Mitu salvini * Razor-billed Curassow, Mitu tuberosa * Genus Pauxi – Helmeted curassows * Northern Helmeted Curassow or simply Helmeted Curassow, Pauxi pauxi * Southern More

Alagoas curassow Believed extinct in the wild in Brazil. List of Globally Threatened and Near Threatened bird species on ...: File Format: Microsoft Excel 2000 - View as HTML306, Crax pauxi, Northern Helmeted Curassow, VU. 307, Crax unicornis, SouthernHelmeted Curassow, EN ... 1229, Menura alberti, Albert's Lyrebird, VU TNS Browser: 740393|Trinidad Piping-Guan|||| 740394|Alagoas Curassow|||| 740395|Painted ... Treecreeper|||| 740829|Rufous Treecreeper|||| 740830|Albert's Lyrebird|||| 740831 ... www.ubio. More

hunting, the Alagoas Curassow is believed to be extinct in the wild. The last unverified account of a Alagoas Curassow encountered in the wild was the killing of some curassow species bird in 1988, after which they have not been seen in the wild. There are only about a dozen purebreds left in Brazil, along with many crossbred with the Razor-billed Curassow. The Loggerhead Turtle This is highly threatened reptile is found in Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and the Black Sea. More

and is also home to the Alagoas curassow, last seen in 1989. The red-billed curassow is an excellent species to act as an ambassador for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest, mainly because of its ecological requirements and the great interest that exists in the species. However, the species is very poorly known and its Endangered conservation status is largely based on the declining extent of suitable habitat in the Atlantic Forest. This area of forest has been highly fragmented, resulting in isolated pockets of curassow populations. More

The species Alagoas Curassow is extinct in the wild. Painting by Jose Merizio Jr Painting by Jose Merizio Jr Mitu mitu Contents - * 1 Identification * 2 Distribution * 3 Taxonomy * 4 Habitat * 5 Behaviour * 5. More

size, the Alagoas Curassow is evaluated as Extinct in the Wild on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The last wild Alagoas Curassow was seen and killed in 1987. It is listed on Appendix I of CITES and protected under Brazillian law. (Wikipedia). Country Distribution: Mitu mitu is found in the following countries: Brazil (IUCN Red List). More

Order : Galliformes
Family : Cracidae
Genus : Mitu
Species : mitu
Authority : (Linnaeus, 1766)