The male performs a courtship flight known as 'roding' at dusk in spring. When threatened, the female can carry chicks between her legs, in her claws or on her back while flying, though this is rarely witnessed. The world population is estimated to be 15 million to 16 million birds.

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The Woodcock is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The woodcocks are a group of seven or eight very similar living species of wading birds in the genus Scolopax. Only two woodcocks are widespread, the others being localized island endemics. Most are found in the Northern Hemisphere but a few range into the Wallacea. Their closest relatives are the typical snipes of the genus Gallinago. More

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The American Woodcock (Scolopax minor) is a small chunky shorebird species found primarily in the eastern half of North America. Woodcock spend most of their time on the ground in brushy, young-forest habitats, where the birds' brown, black, and gray plumage provides excellent camouflage. Because of the male Woodcock's unique, beautiful courtship flights, the bird is welcomed as a harbinger of spring in northern areas. More

woodcock habitat map woodcock picture Common Names - Timberdoodle, woody, bog snipe Organizations working for woodcock conservation are: Ruffed grouse society National Audubon Society Woodcock Limited Woodcock Description -The woodcock is a small, rotund bird with a long bill and large eyes positioned far back on the head. More

With eyes set far back on the head, a woodcock has a 360° field of vision. The buffy-brown, mottled plumage provides camouflage. A solitary bird, most active at dusk, it drums its feet to coax earthworms to the surface and then extracts them with its long, forceps-like bill; it may eat twice its weight in worms each day. The female American woodcock (Scolopax,or Philohela, minor) is about 11 in. (28 cm) long; the male is slightly smaller. More

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* Why Do People Want Woodcock on Their Land? * You May Have Woodcock on Your Land * The Woodcock’s World of Worms * The Woodcock’s Life Through the Year * Woodcock Management * Start With a Land-Use Inventory * Protect or Create Daytime Cover More

The Eurasian Woodcock, Scolopax rusticola, is a medium-small wading bird found in temperate and subarctic Eurasia. It has cryptic camouflage to suit its woodland habitat, with reddish-brown upperparts and buff-coloured underparts. Its eyes are set far back on its head to give it 360-degree vision and it probes in the ground for food with its long, sensitive bill, making it vulnerable to cold weather when the ground remains frozen. More

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Welcome to Woodcock Limited of Pennsylvania's Website! We hope you will take the time to learn about the American Woodcock and about WL of PA during your visit to our site. The Fourth Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 9 AM at the Environmental Learning Center at Bald Eagle State Park. Technical presentations about woodcock and woodcock habitat were presented at the Meeting. More

Woodcock hunting season opens the Saturday nearest September 22 and runs for 45 days. These dates are set by a federal framework. Shotguns must be plugged so they are capable of holding no more than three shells. Hours: Woodcock hunting hours are sunrise to sunset. LICENSE: A small game license. A federal waterfowl stamp is not required to hunt woodcock. A Harvest Information Program (HIP) endorsement is required. More

Woodcock in wine Ingredients: 4 woodcocks 1 small cup of butter 2 onions 1 tablespoon of flour 1/2 small cup of red wine 4-5 ripe tomatoes salt and pepper 3-4 slices of bread extra butter for frying the bread Directions: Prepare the woodcocks, salt and pepper them, and secure the beaks between two legs (this is the most impressive presentation). More

Woodcocks are referred to by several common names. Among these are timberdoodle, mud bat, bog sucker, whistler, night becasse, hokumpake, and marsh plover. It is also called snipe, mud snipe, wood snipe, blind snipe, and owl snipe. DESCRIPTION The American woodcock stands 5 inches tall and is 12 inches long. It has a wingspan of 20 inches. The woodcock's weight varies greatly with the seasons. Females weigh 1/4 to 1/2 pound; males weigh slightly less. More

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The American woodcock, also known as a timberdoodle, is a shorebird. Unlike typical shorebirds, which spend time on the shores and beaches of lakes, it spends its time in wet forests and fields. In Ohio, during March-October, the American woodcock can be found during the day in soggy forests camouflaged against the forest floor. In early spring during dawn, dusk or all night during a full moon, the male woodcock ventures out into the field where it sky dances to attract a female. More

Creek State Park, we enjoyed watching this American Woodcock probe for wo... joemorlan — 21 mai 2007 — Along the boardwalk, adjacent to Crane Creek State Park, we enjoyed watching this American Woodcock probe for worms. More

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The woodcock is a small bird with a long bill very similar to snipe. Woodcock are well camouflaged with a woody, leafy tan/brown mottled coloration that blends very well with the forest floor where they live. woodcock aka timberdoodleWoodcock are solitary birds but they may be found in close proximit to each other due to them simply finding food in certain spots which tends to concentrate them. More

American Woodcock is a compact bird, with long bill. It has barred crown. Plumage is mottled brown, tawny and grey, and allows it to hide in its habitat. Underparts are pale cinnamon. Neck is very short. Nape is black barred with whitish lines. Face is pale buff, with dark eye line and auricular stripe. American Woodcock has large dark eyes, almost on the back of the head, allowing rear view binocular vision. American Woodcock has pinkish short legs. More

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Many sites suitable for woodcock will be on land that is managed by a farmer or gamekeeper so it is important that you contact these people to request permission to access land prior to each visit. This is vital as there may be issues with stock or game birds that you need to be aware of. When out ringing take extra care to ensure that you cause the minimum of disturbance to either stock or crops and that all gates a closed after you have used them. More

A shorebird that lives in forests, the American Woodcock is most frequently encountered at dusk when the male's chirping, peenting aerial displays attract attention. Otherwise the superbly camouflaged bird is difficult to discover on the forest floor where it probes for earthworms. More

woodcock on ground Woodcock Minnesota is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to funding specific research that benefits the American woodcock in our state. Woodcock Minnesota is comprised of woodcock hunters and woodcock watchers who want to improve the plight of our favorite bird, which also benefits numerous other species that depend on early succession forest habitat. More

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As a migratory bird, the American woodcock lives in the North during spring and summer but spends the cold months in the South. Although a few from the farthest regions may wait out an exceptionally mild winter in some states along the way, most woodcock will continue the journey south to traditional wintering grounds. The bird's primary breeding range takes in southern Canada, Maine and the Great Lakes region, dropping down as far as central West Virginia. More

American Woodcock Habitat Model go to: USFWS Gulf of Maine Watershed Habitat Analysis go to: Species Table Feedback: We welcome your suggestions on improving this model! Draft Date: June 2001 Species: American woodcock, Scolopax minor Use of Study Area Resources: Reproduction. The breeding range of American woodcock extends throughout the eastern half of the U.S., north of the Gulf Coast states. More

The American Woodcock, a rotund little shorebird that rarely sees the shore, is known to some as "Timberdoodle" or even "Bogsucker." How can you not love him. Especially when you experience his courtship dance. The woodcock is a forest bird and spends the day in the woods where his cryptic coloring blends into the leaf litter. Its eyes sit so far back on its head that a woodcock can see all around, including behind itself. More

Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Scolopacidae
Genus : Scolopax
Species : rusticola
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758