Greater Sandplover

It breeds in the semi-deserts of Turkey and eastwards through central Asia. It nests in a bare ground scrape. This species is strongly migratory, wintering on sandy beaches in east Africa, south Asia and Australasia. It is a rare vagrant in western Europe, where it has been recorded as far west as Great Britain and France. It has been spotted twice in the Western Hemisphere, the most recent being on May 14, 2009, in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Original source: Chung Kiu, Ryan Cheng from Hong Kong
Author: Chung Kiu, Ryan Cheng from Hong Kong

The Greater Sandplover is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

and the fact that Greater Sandplover is unrecorded in the Western Hemisphere. However there are several features this bird exhibits which appear to favor that identification. According to a recent paper by Hirschfeld et al. (British Birds 93:162-189, 2000) the underwing of Greater Sandplover is whiter without an obvious dark carpal. Mongolian Plover has darker underwings with a more obvious dark bar. The tail tip pattern of Greater Sandplover is more contrasting than on Mongolian Plover which has a much fainter pattern. More

Greater Sandplover - Flying In all plumages, it is very similar to Lesser Sand Plover, Charadrius mongolus. Separating the species may be straightforward in mixed wintering flocks on an Indian beach, where the difference in size and structure is obvious; it is another thing altogether to identify a lone vagrant to western Europe, where both species are very rare. The problem is compounded in that the Middle Eastern race of the greater sand plover is the most similar to the lesser species. More

Greater Sandplover, currently found at Bolinas Lagoon, California. For those seeking more timely information, you are advised to subscribe to the email listserver, North Bay Birds. Greater Sandplover Charadrius leschenaultii Photo: Birdline North West, U.K. (Permission Pending) Photo By: Polish Zoological Society Photo By: Walney, P. More

Greater Sandplover, Norfolk, Snettisham 04/07/04 © Simon Knight coolpix 4500 nikon 82mm scope Send this as a postcard Greater Sandplover - Greater Sandplover, Norfolk, Snettisham RSPB 4thJuly 2004 © Garry Bagnell Greater Sandplover - Greater Sandplover, Norfolk, Snettisham 04 July 2004 © Nigel Blake More

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Greater Sandplover 17 February 2001 at Bolinas Lagoon MRN, California. More

Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Charadriidae
Genus : Charadrius
Species : leschenaultii
Authority : Lesson, 1826