Gilded Sapphire

The Gilded Hummingbird , also known as the Gilded Sapphire, is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. It is found in a wide range of open and semi-open habitats in southern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina. It is generally common, and therefore considered to be of least concern by BirdLife International and consequently the IUCN. It is overall greenish-golden with a coppery tail, whitish-buff underparts, a rufous chin, and a slightly decurved, black-tipped red bill.

Picture of the Gilded Sapphire has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.
Original source: BEIJA-FLOR
Author: Dario Sanches from SÃO PAULO, BRASIL

The Gilded Sapphire is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

GILDED SAPPHIRE Hylocharis chrysura One of the two common urban hummingbirds in Paraguay, the Gilded looks like he has had his tail dipped in molten bronze! In fact his whole plumage is slightly bronzy if you catch it at the right angle, though at the wrong angle he will tend to look drab and somewhat uninteresting. More

Gilded Sapphire - Hylocharis chrysura Saphir à queue d'or = Saphir à queue d'or Hummingbirds: A Portrait of the Animal World Gallery : © Philippe Wolfer Site web : Oiseaux d'Argentine Order : Apodiformes Family : Trochilidae Species : Gilded Sapphire Age : Adult Reference: phvo75311 Other pictures Date taken : 2009 Oct Geographic data More

Unlike his close relative the Gilded Sapphire, the Rufous-throated is a strongly sexually dimorphic species. Though females look just like the much commoner Gilded, males are quite different, decked out in blue and green. This is a rare bird in Paraguay with very few records from scattered localities. The bird in the photos hung around my garden for a while and it was only when I began to look closely at her that I realised it was not just a Gilded. More

Gilded Sapphire Hylocharis chrysura = Chapada dos Guimar More

Gilded Sapphire Hylocharis chrysura = Described by: Shaw (1812) Alternate common name(s): Gilded Hummingbird Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs Punta Lara, Argentina - Sep, 2003 More

The Gilded Sapphire and Ultimate Martini to ringing in the New Year with Sapphire Joy and The French 75. Enjoy these recipes or find even more at More

* Gilded Sapphire, Hylocharis chrysura * Blue-headed Sapphire, Hylocharis grayi * Genus Chrysuronia * Golden-tailed Sapphire, Chrysuronia oenone * Genus Leucochloris * White-throated Hummingbird, Leucochloris albicollis * Genus Polytmus * White-tailed Goldenthroat, Polytmus guainumbi * Tepui More

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Order : Apodiformes
Family : Trochilidae
Genus : Hylocharis
Species : chrysura
Authority : (Shaw, 1812)