Black-breasted Puffleg

The Black-breasted Puffleg is an average sized

The Black-breasted Puffleg is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) is an average sized (8.5 cm in length) species of hummingbird endemic to Ecuador. It has a very restricted range, being found only on the Northwestern slopes of the Pichincha volcano and it is critically endangered. On the 23rd of June, 2005 this bird was adopted as the emblem of the city of Quito, which, being just on the other side of the volcano, is very close to where the last populations of the species are found. More

Found nowhere outside Ecuador, the black-breasted puffleg is a small to average-sized hummingbird with distinctive white leg plumage. This little bird prefers high altitudes, spending the rainy season above 10,000 feet and the rest of the year — when certain preferred plants flower — residing between 9,006 and 10,000 feet. The black-breasted puffleg historically inhabited the northern ridge-crests of Volcán Pichincha and Volcán Atacazo, volcanoes in the Andes . More

Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) Black-breasted Puffleg. The Black-breasted Puffleg is one of the world's rarest and least known birds. It is found on only a few sites of the north slope of Volcan Pichincha and Volcan Atacazo which are within an hour from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. This species appears to depend on a specialized habitat found on flat ridge crests ( More

Black-breasted puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) = Species information - * Facts & Status * Description * Glossary & References * All * * Back to media Black-breasted puffleg perched on branch Black-breasted puffleg perched on branchPrint factsheet Facts - More

black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) - Kingdom: Animalia Class: Aves Order: Apodiformes Family: Trochilidae Listing Status: Quick links:Federal RegisterRecoveryCritical HabitatConservation PlansPetitionsLife HistoryOther Resources General Information The black-breasted puffleg, endemic to Ecuador and a member of the hummingbird family (Trochilidae), is approximately 3.25 inches (in) (8.5 centimeters (cm)) long (Fjelds and Krabbe 1990, p. 272; Ridgely and Greenfield 2001a, p. 373; Ridgely and Greenfield 2001b, p. 280). More

* Black-breasted Puffleg, Eriocnemis nigrivestis * Gorgeted Puffleg, Eriocnemis isabellae * Glowing Puffleg, Eriocnemis vestitus * Black-thighed Puffleg, Eriocnemis derbyi * Turquoise-throated Puffleg, Eriocnemis godini - possibly extinct (20th century?) * Coppery-bellied Puffleg, Eriocnemis cupreoventris More

Conservation of the Black-breasted Puffleg at the Yanacocha Reserve, Ecuador = Region: - Ecuador Partner: - Fundación Jocotoco Initiation: - 2002 Introduction: The Yanacocha Reserve protects the core population of the Critically Endangered and endemic Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), a hummingbird and an Alliance More

Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis = Yanacocha, Ecuador - Jun 20, 2004 More

THREATENED SPECIES: Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) - Critically Endangered; HABITAT: Cloud forest, some polylepis forest and paramo; CONSERVATION STATUS: 1,000 hectare private reserve created on the northwestern flank of Pichincha Volcano; remaining habitat is privately owned; THREATS: Deforestation for pasture and charcoal burning; LOCAL PARTNERS: Jocotoco Foundation;; Corporación Ornitológica del Ecuador (CECIA) cecia@uio.satnet. More

Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis = Described by: Bourcier; Mulsant (1852) Alternate common name(s): None known by website authors Old scientific name(s): Eriocnemis nigriventris, Eriocnemis nigriventris Photographs Yanacocha, Ecuador - Jun 20, 2004 More

Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis) photo Pichincha State, Ecuador November, 2006 More

habitat of the Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), a hummingbird species on the brink of extinction . "Building an oil pipeline through Mindo Important Bird Area (IBA) will be bad news for the Black-breasted Puffleg, a critically endangered species of hummingbird already on the brink of extinction", said Dr Michael Rands, Director and Chief Executive of BirdLife International. More

the Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis). As far as we are aware, the reserve contains the entire world range of this very rare hummingbird. The area is also an important source of water for the city of Quito. It is extraordinary to have such a large area of important and intact habitat so close to a large conurbation like Quito. The Jocotoco Foundation would like to thank Sr. More

Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis - the 250 individuals at Mindo making up the entire world population. Other Chocó endemics include Baudo Guan Penelope ortoni, Dark-backed Wood-Quail Odontophorus melanonotus, Cloud-forest Pygmy-Owl Glaucidium nubicola, Giant Antpitta Grallaria gigantea, Moustached Antpitta Gralleria alleni, Long-wattled Umbrellabird Cephalopterus penduliger and Tanager Finch Oreothraupis arremonops. Mindo IBA has been the focus of much attention from CECIA, the BirdLife Partner in Ecuador. More

Black-Breasted Puffleg - Eriocnemis nigrivestis = IUCN Status: Critically Endangered IUCN Species Profile Fundacion Jocotoco: BIRDS > SPECIES >. Black-breasted Puffleg (Eriocnemis nigrivestis). ... The Black-breasted Puffleg is one of the world's rarest and least known birds. ... Fundacion Jocotoco: Black-breasted Puffleg Photo by Rob Williams. GOALS PROGRAMS RESERVES SPECIES HOME. WORLDTWITCH - Ecuador - Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis ... More

us with the news that the Black-breasted Puffleg had been seen that morning coming into one of the feeders. More

conservation of the Black-breasted Puffleg in Ecuador since 1995. CECIA More

nigrivestis Black-breasted Puffleg 58a Eriocnemis vestita Glowing Classification of birds of South America; Composite List: Royal Sunangel Eriocnemis nigrivestis, Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis vestita, BIRDNET: Apodiformes species list: ...glaucopoides Colorful Puffleg Eriocnemis mirabilis Emerald-bellied Puffleg Eriocnemis BIRDCHAT archives - May 1998, week 1 (#43): The next day we were scheduled to ride horses 3000 feet up the mountain to 11000 http://listserv.arizona. More

of the known population of the Black-breasted Puffleg, Eudocnemis nigrivestris, a critically endangered hummingbird, is found in this reserve. Another seven bird species are of conservation concern and both Puma and Spectacled Bear have been recorded. The reserve carries an exceptional montane flora while the Polylepis forest is considered an endangered habitat, critically reduced by fires and wood-cutting. The area is in one the main watersheds supplying water to the city. More

black-breasted puffleg was designated with an LPN 2 and we determined that listing continued to be warranted but precluded. It should be noted that ``Table 1-Candidate Review,'' in our 2007 ANOR, erroneously noted the black-breasted puffleg with an LPN of 3. However, the correct LPN in 2007 was ``2,'' as was discussed in the body of the notice (72 FR 20184, p. 20197). More

hummingbird, the Black-breasted Puffleg, whose known range is restricted to the Pichincha Volcano, just north west of Quito. The habitat is mainly high altitude Polylepis forest, of a type which is severely depleted throughout the Andes due to agriculture and charcoal production. Management of the reserve is very much integrated with the local community, who offered the land for purchase to Fundaci More

Black-breasted Puffleg Eriocnemis nigrivestis IUCN Red List Criteria Critically Endangered B1a+b(i,ii,iii,v) Endangered B2a+b(i,ii,iii,v); D1 Vulnerable D2 IUCN Red List history Year Category 2009 Critically Endangered 2008 Critically Endangered 2004 Critically Endangered More

Order : Apodiformes
Family : Trochilidae
Genus : Eriocnemis
Species : nigrivestis
Authority : (Bourcier & Mulsant, 1852)