Green-throated Mango

This small bird inhabits mangrove swamp and moist lowland savannah. It is 10.2cm long and weighs 9g. The longish black bill is slightly decurved.

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Original source: Steve Garvie from Dunfermline, Fife, ScotlandCamera location
Author: Steve Garvie from Dunfermline, Fife, ScotlandCamera location

The Green-throated Mango is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Green-throated Mango (Anthracothorax viridigula) is a hummingbird that breeds from northeastern Venezuela, Trinidad and the Guianas south to northeasterm Brazil. In Brazil, the bird is only found on the narrow Atlantic coastal strip north and south of the Amazon River outlet, and a strip along the river proper, about 1500km upstream. It is a local or seasonal migrant, although its movements are not well understood. More

Although the male Green-throated Mango has less extensive black on the underparts, this and other plumage differences are not always easy to confirm in the field because the birds appear all-black. The females of the two species can be almost inseparable, although Green-throated has more extensively coppery upperparts than its relative. The female Green -throated Mango lays two white eggs in a deep cup nest on a high, thin, and usually bare branch. More

Green-throated Mango doesn't mention any flank patch. Is this a distinguishing feature? The bird that I saw had a white flank patch. According the the Birds of Venezuela, sides of body are shining green in green-throated mango. Difficult to know if it is the same form you have in Guyana (edit: according to Clements check-list, both species are monotypic, not divided into races; there still could be geographic variation). More

Green-throated Mango call in flight Anthracothorax viridigula (0:06) Alexandre Renaudier XC43985 ?-?-?, French Guiana Green-throated Mango call in flight Anthracothorax viridigula (0:11) Alexandre Renaudier XC44042 06-07-08, French Guiana page 1 © 2005-2010 Xeno-canto Foundation. More

Green-throated mangoBirds in Suriname = - Green-throated Mango, female Anthracothorax viridigula, Mango More

Order : Apodiformes
Family : Trochilidae
Genus : Anthracothorax
Species : viridigula
Authority : (Boddaert, 1783)