American merganser

The Common Merganser or Goosander Mergus merganser is a large duck, of rivers and lakes of forested areas of Europe, northern and central Asia, and North America. It eats fish and nests in holes in trees.

The American merganser is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

American merganserAmerican merganser - common North American diving duck considered a variety of the European goosanderMergus merganser americanusgenus Mergus, Mergus - mergansersfish duck, merganser, sawbill, sheldrake - large crested fish-eating diving duck having a slender hooked bill with serrated edges How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle, or visit webmaster's page for free fun content. More

American merganser; Mergus merganser americanus (common North American diving duck considered a variety of the European goosander) Mergus serrator; red-breasted merganser (widely distributed merganser of America and Europe) Mergus albellus; smew (smallest merganser and most expert diver; found in northern Eurasia) hooded merganser; hooded sheldrake; Lophodytes cucullatus (small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male's head) Holonyms ("merganser" is a member of... More

-On the nesting habits of the American merganser there has been much discussion and many conflicting opinions, some asserting that it always nests in hollow trees or that it never nests on the ground. As a matter of fact it does both, for its nesting habits vary greatly in different localities or even with different individuals in the same locality. Major Bendire carried on an extensive correspondence with Mr. More

American Merganser is a genus of the large duck fowl found in rivers and lakes, in the wooded areas of North America, Europe, and northern and central Asia. The species is a partial migrant, staying clear of completely frozen waters. They are permanent residents of the Pacific Coast. Those of Scandinavia and Russia migrate southwards, however western European Mergansers are not snowbirds. More

The American Merganser, is the only species of 'fish duck' we saw in the Yosemite section. Either this species or its relative, the Red-breasted Merganser, is likely to visit any fish-inhabited pond or sluggish stream during the winter months. The American Merganser is known to nest farther north in the Sierra Nevada, but the conditions afforded in the Yosemite region do not seem to attract the birds to remain here during the summer months. More

* American Merganser Vintage 1940s Audubon Color Bird Print American Merganser Vintage 1940s Audubon Color Bird Print = American Merganser Vintage 1940s Audubon Color Bird Printzoom American Merganser Vintage 1940s Audubon Color Bird Print American Merganser Vintage 1940s Audubon Color Bird Print Description - "American Merganser" Authentic 60+ Year Old Audubon Color Print DATE: c. More

record of the occurrence of the American Merganser in the West Indies. James Bond in his 'Birds of the West Indies' includes the Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) as a rare winter visitor to Cuba, and the Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serratar) from only one record from the same island. Although the females of the Red-breasted and American Mergansers are very similar in coloration and easily confused, I am positive of my identification.-VN- Published by permission of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Iu BARSkS, JR. More

Female American Mergansers by Val LeeMale American Merganser - artistic photo - by Val Lee Comments RSS Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name (required) E-mail (required) Website Notify me of follow-up comments via email. More

American mergansers, the Common Merganser is an expert diver that feeds on small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. It is also the only North American merganser in which the female is crested and the male is not. The male has striking plumage: a white body, black head and back, and a bright red/orange bill. Previous | Next Go to Top Birding Top 500 Counter All photos 2002-2010 More

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Order : Anseriformes
Family : Anatidae
Genus : Mergus
Species : merganser
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758