Mink Frog

The Mink Frog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis) is a small species of frog native to the United States and Canada. They are so named for their scent, which reportedly smells like a mink. The scent is more akin to that of rotting onions to those unfamiliar with mink. More

Mink Frog Habitat Mink Frogs are very timid. Some careful sneaking is required to get close to one. More

Mink frogs can often be seen on lily pads in northern ponds and lakes. Photo by Pauline Quesnelle mink frog Mink frogs have irregular dark molting on their back and legs. More

Mink frogs (Rana septentrionalis), a species of special concern, prefer rivers and lakes with bog shoreline habitats. They are a shoreline-dependent species but also forage on and around floating mats of vegetation away from the shoreline in the littoral zone. More

Mink FrogIdentification: This frog is very similar to (and often confused with) the Green Frog. It has an olive green dorsum that is spotted or mottled with dark, irregular markings. More

Mink frog - Rana septentrionalis = parade of frogs and toads Mink Frog Size: 2 -2 3/4 inches (5.1-7 cm) Voice: A rapid cut, cut, cut resembling a hammer striking wood. More

The Mink Frog likes hanging out on lily pads or clumps of floating weeds, where it hunts for meals of aquatic insects or other small invertebrates. More

Perhaps what makes the Mink Frog most unique is its smell. When handled, this frog will give off a musky odor said to resemble the smell of a mink. More

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Mink Frogs eat a variety of land and water creatures, particularly ants, beetles, bugs, moth larvae, spiders and flies. When picked up, they emit a smell like a mink (or rotting onions, if you can't quite recall the odour of mink). More

The green-brown, medium-sized mink frog is among Minnesota's most common aquatic frogs. It often spends its time around lily pads, which it uses as "stepping stones" for basking, feeding and shelter. More

The Mink Frog is one of the three green-faced frogs in Vermont (the others are the Bullfrog and the Green Frog). It measures 2-2¾ inches long. In Vermont, this species may or may not have dorsolateral ridges. More

Mink Frog, Rana septentrionalis - Mink Frog Mink Frog The Mink Frog is a small to medium frog attaining a length of nearly 3 inches. More

Mink Frog - Rana septentrionalis = series details Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Order: Anura Family: Ranidae Genus: Rana More

The Mink Frog is one of seven species of frogs found in the Kejimkujik National Park of Nova Scotia, this frog was found bathing in the Mersey River. More

Mink frogs live in Minnesota,Wisconsin,Michigan,Maine,and Newyork. they also live in Canada in the states of NovaScotia,NewBrunswik, Quebec,Ontario,and Manitoba. The Mink Frog is usualy 2 or 3 inches long.It is regularly green with brown spots. More

* The mink frog is found in weed-choked, sluggish rivers, along marshy shorelines, and in swamps and bogs. * It is most often found in Central Ontario. More

The Mink Frog is a moderate sized frog, olive to brown in colour and may have dark spots or mottling on the sides and hind legs. The belly is yellowish and the dorsolateral ridges may be prominent, partial or absent. More

These spots are characteristic of mink frogs and can be used to tell them from green frogs, a close relative.Rana septentrionalis (mink frog) by alumroot.A mink frog the from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan taken in the summer 1995. Its one of my favorite species of frogs. More

mink frog thumbThe Mink Frog was completed on 1.19.10. Mink Frogs are pretty neat amphibians, and camping in my youth in northern Minnesota I'd come across these guys. More

The Mink Frog call consists of a rapid series of three or more croaks like the tapping of a metal hammer on wood. It is easily confused with that of the Green Frog but lacks the twangy bounce of that call. More

is a little longer than the 1st, while in Mink Frogs it is much shorter than the 1st. More

Climate Change and the Future of the Mink Frog in New York State = Adjust font-size: + – Chad Blass Published December 05, 2006 by:Chad BlassView Profile | Follow | Add to Favorites More:FrogNew SpeciesAmphibianVulnerable Global Warming Effects on Vulnerable Frog Species More

distribution of mink frogs (Rana septentrionalis), or "the frogs of the north,” is at the highest latitude of any North American anuran (43 ˚N; Hedeen, 1986). More

Order : Anura
Family : Ranidae
Genus : Lithobates
Species : septentrionalis
Authority : (Baird, 1854)