Family Ranidae

Amolops - Amolops is a quite large genus of true frogs native mainly to eastern and southeastern Asia.

Babina - Babina is located at 25°15′N 78°28′E / 25.

Huia - The Huia, was a species of New Zealand Wattlebird endemic to the North Island of New Zealand.

Lithobates - Lithobates is a subgenus of frogs of the genus Rana.

Meristogenys - Meristogenys is a genus of true frogs from Borneo.

Odorrana - Eburana Dubois, 1992 Wurana P.

Pelophylax - Pelophylax is a genus of true frogs widespread in Eurasia, with a few species ranging into northern Africa.

Pterorana - The Indian Flying Frog is a species of frog in the Ranidae family.

Rana - Rana can also refer to:

Staurois - Staurois is a small genus of true frogs.

Order : Anura
Family : Ranidae