Genus Diospyros

Cargillia R. Cavanillea Desr. Ebenus Kuntze Disopyros Embryopteris Gaertn. Guaiacana Duhamel Idesia Scop. Maba J. Mabola Raf. Macreightia A. Noltia Thonn. Paralea Aubl. Pimia Seem. Rhaphidanthe Hiern ex Gürke Ropourea Aubl. Royena L. Tetraclis Hiern

Species in the genus Diospyros of plants


Indonesian ebony - Makassar Ebony wood is variegated, streaky brown and black, nearly always wide striped. It is considered a highly valuable wood for turnery, fine cabinet work and joinery, and is much sought for posts in traditional Japanese houses. That is why Japan used to be the main importer for this wood.

Ebony - The tree is a medium-sized evergreen, reaching 20–25 m tall. The leaves are entire, about 6–15 cm long and 3–5 cm broad. The fruit is a small berry 2 cm diameter, similar to a small persimmon. This slow growing tree is native to dry and intermediate zones.

Date plum - The species area extends from East Asia to the west of the Mediterranean, down to Spain. The Date-plum is native to southwest Asia and southeast Europe. It was known to the ancient Greeks as "the fruit of the gods", or often referred to as "natures candy" ie.

Diospyros seychellarum - The habitat for this small forest tree or shrub is in well drained situations or in more open rocky areas, often on granite based soils. Diospyros seychellarum is particularly associated with native palm and pandan scrub habitats.