Genus Araucaria

Araucaria is a genus of evergreen coniferous trees in the family Araucariaceae.

Species in the genus Araucaria of plants

Parana pine - It is an evergreen tree growing to 40 m tall and 1 m trunk diameter. The leaves are thick, tough and scale like, triangular, 36 cm long, 510 mm broad at the base, and with razor-sharp edges and tip. They persist 10 to 15 years, so cover most of the tree except for the trunk and older branches.

Monkey-puzzle - Araucaria araucana is the national tree of Chile.

Bunya - The Bunya Pine is the last surviving species of the Section Bunya of the genus Araucaria. This section was diverse and widespread during the Mesozoic with some species having cone morphology similar to A. bidwillii, which appeared during the Jurassic. Fossils of Section Bunya are found in South America and Europe.

New Caledonia pine - Araucaria columnaris is among the most common Araucarias planted as an ornamental tree and street tree in warm temperate climates. It is cultivated in gardens and public landscapes in Queensland, northern New Zealand, southern California, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Norfolk island pine - The trees grow to a height of 5065 m, with straight vertical trunks and symmetrical branches, even in the face of incessant onshore winds that can contort most other species.


Klinki - It is a very large evergreen tree , growing to 5080 m tall, exceptionally to 90 m, with a trunk up to 3 m diameter. The branches are horizontal, produced in whorls of five or six. The leaves are spirally arranged, scale-like or awl-like, 6-12 cm long and 1.5-2 cm broad at the base, with a sharp tip; leaves on young trees are shorter and narrower . It is usually monoecious with male and female cones on the same tree; the pollen cones are long and slender, up to 20 cm long and 1 cm broad; the seed cones are oval, up to 25 cm long and 14-16 cm broad. The seed cones disintegrate at maturity to release the numerous 3-4 cm long nut-like seeds.


Araucaria nemorosa - Araucaria nemorosa is a species of conifer in the Araucariaceae family. It is found only in New Caledonia. It is threatened by habitat loss.