The Order Pinales in the Division Pinophyta, Class Pinopsida comprises all the extant conifers.

Families in the order Coniferales of plants

Pinaceae - The family Pinaceae , is in the order Pinales, formerly known as the Coniferales, and includes many of the well-known conifers of commercial importance such as cedars, firs, hemlocks, larches, pines and spruces.

Podocarpaceae - Podocarpaceae is a large family of mainly Southern Hemisphere conifers, comprising about 156 species of evergreen trees and shrubs.

Cupressaceae - The Cupressaceae or cypress family is a conifer family with worldwide distribution.

Araucariaceae - Araucariaceae is a very ancient family of conifers.

Taxaceae - The family Taxaceae, commonly called the yew family, includes three genera and about 7 to 12 species of coniferous plants, or in other interpretations , six genera and about 30 species.

Cephalotaxaceae - The family Cephalotaxaceae is a small grouping of conifers, with three genera and about 20 species, closely allied to the Taxaceae, and included in that family by some botanists.

Phyllocladaceae - Phyllocladus is a small genus of conifers, now usually treated in the family Podocarpaceae.

Sciadopityaceae - The Koyamaki , or Japanese Umbrella-pine, is a unique conifer endemic to Japan.