Family Taxaceae

The family Taxaceae, commonly called the yew family, includes three genera and about 7 to 12 species of coniferous plants, or in other interpretations , six genera and about 30 species.

Genera in the family Taxaceae of plants

Amentotaxus - Amentotaxus is a genus of conifers comprising five species, treated in either the Cephalotaxaceae, or in the Taxaceae when that family is considered in a broad sense.

Austrotaxus - It is endemic to New Caledonia, occurring in the central and northern parts of the island on serpentine soils at 300-1,350 m altitude.


Pseudotaxus - Like other yews, it is a small coniferous shrub or small tree, reaching 2-5 m tall with reddish bark.

Taxus - Taxus is a genus of yews, small coniferous trees or shrubs in the yew family Taxaceae.

Torreya - Tumion Raf.