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New Zealand Kauri

Kauri forests are among the most ancient in the world. The antecedents of the kauri appeared during the Jurassic period . Although the kauri is among the most ancient trees in the world, it has developed a unique niche in the forest. With its novel soil interaction and regeneration pattern it can compete with the more recently evolved and faster growing angiosperms. Because it is such a conspicuous species, forest containing kauri is generally known as kauri forest, although kauri need not be the most abundant tree. In the warmer northern climate, kauri forests have a higher species richness than those found further south.

Jump to:navigation, search For the New Zealand kauri tree, see Agathis australis. Kauri Kauri is located in Northland Kauri Coordinates: 3538?47?S 17417?44?E? / ?35.64639S 174.29556E? / -35.64639; 174.29556 Country New Zealand Region Northland Region District Whangarei District Kauri is a locality in Northland, New Zealand. State Highway 1 passes through the area. More

For details on New Zealand Kauri, see Agathis australis The type of gastropod marine mollusc is spelled cowrie, while the New Zealand land mollusc is spelled Kauri . More