Families in the order Caryophyllales of plants

Cactaceae - A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae.

Amaranthaceae - The flowering plant family Amaranthaceae, the Amaranth family, contains about 160 genera and 2,400 species.

Didiereaceae - The plants are spiny succulent shrubs and trees from 2-20 m tall, with thick water-storing stems and leaves that are deciduous in the long dry season.

Caryophyllaceae - The Caryophyllaceae, commonly called the pink family or carnation family, is a family of flowering plants.

Aizoaceae - The Family Aizoaceae or Ficoidaceae is a taxon of dicotyledonous flowering plants containing 135 genera and about 1900 species.


Chenopodiaceae - Chenopodiaceae is a family of flowering plants, also called the "Goosefoot Family.


Portulacaceae - Portulacaceae is a family of flowering plants, comprising about 20 genera with about 500 species, ranging from herbaceous plants to shrubs.

Nyctaginaceae - Allioniaceae Horan. Bougainvilleaceae J. Mirabilidaceae W. Pisoniaceae J.



Molluginaceae - Molluginaceae is a family of flowering plants recognized by several taxonomists.