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Alluaudia procera

Madagascar ocotillo or Alluaudia, is a deciduous succulent plant species of the family Didiereaceae. It is native to Madagascar. Although strikingly similar in appearance, it is not closely related to the ocotillo. Young alluaudias form a tangle of stems that last for several years after which a strong central stem develops. The basel stems then die out leaving a tree-like stem that branches higher up on the main trunk.

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Alluaudia procera, or Madagascar Ocotillo, is a deciduous succulent tree native to Madagascar. In many ways it resembles our own Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens). Both have small rounded leaves and grayish trunks with a lot of spines, but that is where the similarities end. The plants will reach 60 feet tall in nature and are usually unbranched. In Madagascar, the wood of the plant is used in building and for charcoal. They are interesting plants and should be part of any xeric plant collection. More