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Maui chaff flower

Achyranthes splendens is a species of flowering plant in the pigweed family, Amaranthaceae, that is endemic to Hawai?i. Its natural habitats are dry forests, low shrublands, and sandy shores. It is threatened by habitat loss.

populations of Achyranthes splendens are the destruction of remaining habitat for development and competition from invasive plants, especially the parasitic vine known as love-vine or dodder (Cassytha filiformis). Measures currently being taken to protect populations of Achyranthes splendens and other threatened plant species in Hawaii include weed control, conservation of plants and seeds in botanical gardens and seed banks, and preservation of remaining intact habitat. Click here to return to the index of More Rare and Endangered Plants. More

Achyranthes splendens is a small indigenous Hawaiian shrub. - Species description or overview - Achyranthes splendens information from Native Plants Hawaii Information about Achyranthes splendens-including details regarding plant, flower, and leaf characteristics; pests and diseases; growth requirements; and environment-is provided by Native Plants Hawaii. More

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