Malayan Softshell

Identification: The Malayan softshell turtle is one of the commonest of turtles, recognisable from its pig-like snout, skin-clad shell and rounded or oval carapace. More

the Malayan softshell (Dogania subplana) is too large to be drawn completely within the shell. The long, tubelike proboscis found in most species allows them to breathe air from the water's surface without moving from the bottom. More

Common names

Dogania subplana in Dutch - Nederlands
Dogania subplana‎ in Portuguese - Português
Malayan Soft-shelled Turtle in English - English
Malayan Softshell in English - English
Malayan softshell turtle in English - English
Malayische Weichschildkrote in German - Deutsch

Order : Testudines
Family : Trionychidae
Genus : Dogania
Species : Dogania subplana
Authority : GEOFFROY 1809