Elongate Tortoise

The Elongate Tortoise is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

tortoise, care for an elongate tortoise, or even care for a flower-back box turtle? Try our General Turtle Care subcategory. It's a great starting point. More

Facts about elongate tortoise: habitat, as discussed in turtle (reptile): Habitats: = Asia has a few tortoises, the most widespread being the elongate tortoise (Indotestudo elongata), which is found in a variety of open woodland habitats. More

klink, my elongate tortoise, has been living on extended free roam. this can not continue. the main reasons being- it's getting cooler, so he needs to go back in a heated tank. safety has not been an issue. More

Common names

Elongate Tortoise in English - English
elongated tortoise in English - English
Gelbkopf-Landschildkrote in German - Deutsch
Gelbkopfschildkröte in German - Deutsch
Pineapple tortoise in English - English
Red-nosed tortoise in English - English
Sárgafejű teknős in Hungarian - Magyar
Tortue à tête jaune in French - français
Yellow tortoise in English - English
Yellow-headed tortoise in English - English
желтая in Russian - русский язык
Черепаха продолговатая in Russian - русский язык
エロンガータリクガメ in Japanese - 日本語

Order : Testudines
Family : Testudinidae
Genus : Indotestudo
Species : Indotestudo elongata
Authority : BLYTH 1854