Star Tortoise

The Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans) is a species of tortoise found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and Sri Lanka. This species is quite popular in the exotic pet trade. More

Star Tortoise Treasury - A treasure trove for Indian, Sri Lankan, and Burmese Star tortoise information. Plus a little bit about Angulate tortoises and popular tortoises, too. More

Star tortoises will graze happily on lawn grass if presented with the opportunity and this seems to prevent most such problems at source. Meat products should never be given to Star tortoises, nor should high protein vegetables such as beans feature regularly in the diet. More

Star tortoises are herbivores that graze primarily on a variety of low quality, mixed grasses. They also eat opuntia (prickly pear) cactus, succulents, flowers, and weeds. Their natural diet is very high in fiber, high in calcium, and low in sugar and protein. More

Star Tortoise - Geochelone elegans - Chris Tabaka DVM and Darrell Senneke Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 World Chelonian Trust. More

The Star tortoise belongs to a group of tortoises that bear a distinguishing radiating pattern on their carapaces. More

Star Tortoises are readily available in captivity from breeders, but you will not find any long-term captives of this species. Star Tortoises are kind and peaceful, enjoying groups of 4 or 6. More

other good Star tortoise related books to add to this list, let me know. These books are listed here in no particular order. Click on the book titles for full descriptions. More

What Star Tortoises have in common is the overall dark background with a yellow pattern. Some of the yellow patterns are more star shaped than others. Some even look more like a diamond. More

to breed Indian Star Tortoises and perhaps the only person in the UK who can offer genuine captive-bred Indian Star youngsters for sale on a regular basis. More

The star tortoise is mostly herbivorous, eating a variety of plants - grasses, leaves, fruits, and flowers. But the tortoise won't say no to a bit of carrion (dead meat) now and then. More

Geochelone Elegans (Indian Star Tortoise) is a close relative of the large Leopard Tortoise (Geochelone Pardalis). The Indian Star Tortoise can be found in Ceylon and peninsular India. It can also be found westward near Sind. More

Indian star tortoises are popular based on their size, personality and appearance. Their care is similar to the leopard tortoise. More

should be housed separately - if you ever see Indian Star Tortoises on display in the same housing as other tropical tortoises (such as Redfoot, Leopard or Sulcata) or even with Hermanns, Spur-thighed or Horsfield's Tortoises my advice is do not buy under any circumstances - even if they are captive-bred More

established protection of Myanmar Star tortoise in Shwe Sattaw Reserve Forest in Minbu Township and Min Zone Taung Reserve Forest in Nahtoegyi Township. More

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The Indian star tortoises shell is a grayish brown with golden to golden brown star patterns. This coloration blends in with the surroundings in which they live and breaks up the shell shape when they are among tufts of grass. More

the more common Indian star tortoise is now found in small numbers in zoological and private collections. More

The Burmese Star Tortoise (Geochelone platynota) is becoming extinct in its native Myanmar (Burma). It lives in the dry, deciduous forest, and is eaten both by the native Burmese, and is traded to the Chinese, where it is sometimes found in the food markets. More

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Burmese Star TortoiseBurmese Star Tortoise is in dire threat of extinction. More

Star Tortoises are without a doubt some of the most attractive tortoises on the planet with beautiful yellow and black “star” patterns on their shells. They require a watchful eye and warm, tropical conditions to thrive in captivity. More

Star tortoises seized from illicit trade were returned to their natural environment in India. The Indian star tortoise (Geochelone elegans) is a popular pet which is also used in traditional medicine, resulting in over-exploitation of the wild population. More

As with many tortoise species, the Indian star tortoise is sexually dimorphic. In this case, it is the females that attain a larger size then the males. Females can reach up to 12 inches in length, whereas the males will usually only reach half that size. More

Star Tortoises should have water present in their enclosures at all times. Tap water is fine. More

Star tortoises are stunning in their beauty with the radiating "star" pattern on their carapace making them an eye-catching display in zoos or private collections all over the world. More

and the rare Burmese Star Tortoise, which is currently listed as one of the world's 25 most threatened turtles. More

Common names

Indiai csillagteknős in Hungarian - Magyar
indian star tortoise in English - English
Indian Starred Tortoise in English - English
Indische Sternschildkröte in German - Deutsch
Star Tortoise in English - English
Звёздчатая черепаха in Russian - русский язык
Черепаха индийская звездчатая in Russian - русский язык
インドホシガメ in Japanese - 日本語

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Order : Testudines
Family : Testudinidae
Genus : Geochelone
Species : Geochelone elegans
Authority : SCHOEPFF 1795