Cylindraspis indica

The Cylindraspis indica is classified as Extinct (EX), there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.

Cylindraspis indica was a species of Giant Tortoise in the Testudinidae family. It was endemic to Réunion. Source - * World Conservation Monitoring Centre 1996. Cylindraspis indica. More

Cylindraspis indica was known only from Réunion. Countries: Regionally extinct:Réunion Population - Population: The species is thought to have become extinct in 1800. More

* Cylindraspis indica, Réunion Giant Tortoise, also known by the synonym Cylindraspis borbonica, from Réunion * Cylindraspis inepta, Domed Mauritius Giant Tortoise, from Mauritius * Cylindraspis peltastes, Domed More

synonym of Cylindraspis indica (World Conservation Monitoring Centre 1996). DNA analysis has proved that the giant tortoises from Réunion belong to one variable species (Austin & Arnold, 2001; Cheke and Hume, 2008). More

Cylindraspis indica is a chordate, or more specifically a reptile, in the Testudinidae family. More

Scientific Name: Cylindraspis indica, Cylindraspis inepta, Cylindraspis peltastes, Cylindraspis triserrata, Cylindraspis vosmaeri, Dipsochelys hololissa, Dipsochelys arnoldi, Geochelone gigantea/Dipspchelys dussumieri Giant TortoiseHeight: 4 feet long (1. More

* Cylindraspis indica—Réunion Giant Tortoise (extinct) * Cylindraspis inepta—Saddle-backed Mauritius Giant Tortoise (extinct) * Cylindraspis peltastes—Domed Rodrigues Giant Tortoise (extinct) * Cylindraspis triserrata—Domed Mauritius Giant Tortoise (extinct) More

* Cylindraspis indica, synonym Cylindraspis borbonica * Cylindraspis inepta * Cylindraspis peltastes * Cylindraspis triserrata * Cylindraspis vosmaeri More

threatened Cylindraspis indica Status: Extinct Cylindraspis inepta Status: Extinct Cylindraspis peltastes Status: Extinct Cylindraspis triserrata Status: Extinct Cylindraspis vosmaeri Status: Extinct Dermatemys mawii (Central American River Turtle) Status: Critically Endangered A2abd+4d Dermochelys coriacea More

Cylindraspis indica also called Réunion Giant Tortoise a species of turtle in the Testudinidae familySource: Wikipedia 2 factstortoise Giant tortoise are characteristic reptiles of certain tropical islandsSource: Wikipedia 7 factsgeochelone Brazilian More

Order : Testudines
Family : Testudinidae
Genus : Cylindraspis
Species : Cylindraspis indica
Authority :

Cylindraspis indica