Seychelles mud turtle

The Seychelles mud turtle is classified as Extinct (EX), there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.

Seychelles mud turtle, as Extinct; none of these turtles is still alive. In addition, it listed the Magdalena river turtle and the Madagascar big-headed turtle as Endangered, meaning that it faces a very high threat of extinction in the wild. More

The Seychelles mud turtle probably is extinct. Remark This species is closely related to P. castaneus (Broadley, 1981a; Bour, 1983). More

Black Terrapin, Seychelles Mud Turtle, or Seychelles Terrapin was a species of turtle in the Pelomedusidae family.It was endemic to Seychelles.It became extinct due to habitat loss.-Source:... and the saltwater crocodileSaltwater CrocodileSaltwater or estuarine crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles. More

Seychelles Mud Turtle - pelusios seychellensis Shanghai Softshell Turtle - rafetus swinhoei Siebenrock's Snake-necked Turtle - chelodina siebenrocki Six-tubercled River Turtle - podocnemis sextuberculata Smooth Softshell Turtle - apalone mutica Sonora Mud Turtle - kinosternon sonoriense South African More

Seychelles mud turtle (Pelusios seychellensis) is also endemic to this ecoregion, though its taxonomic status is uncertain and it may be extinct (Gerlach & Canning 2001; IUCN 2002). There are two endemic subspecies of terrapin; P. subniger parietalis and P. More

Seychelles Black Terrapin, Seychelles Mud Turtle, Seychelles Terrapin Synonym/s: Pelusios castaneus seychellensis (Siebenrock, 1906) - Blanc, 1971Pelusios subniger seychellensis (Siebenrock, 1906) - Mertens, Mueller & Rust, 1934Sternothaerus nigricans seychellensis Siebenrock, 1906 Assessment Information - More

Common names

Pelusios seychellensis in Dutch - Nederlands
Seychelles black terrapin in English - English
seychelles mud turtle in English - English
Seychelles terrapin in English - English
Черепаха сейшельская черная иловая in Russian - русский язык

Order : Testudines
Family : Pelomedusidae
Genus : Pelusios
Species : Pelusios seychellensis
Authority : SIEBENROCK 1906