Flattened musk turtle

The Flattened musk turtle is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Flattened Musk Turtle (Sternotherus depressus) is a species of turtle in the Kinosternidae family. these turtles can be 3-4.5 inches long It is endemic to the United States. More

The flattened musk turtle is found in a variety of rivers, streams and in the shallow upper reaches of reservoirs, but its preferred habitat appears to be large, clear, free-flowing creeks or rivers. More

The flattened musk turtle feeds on invertebrates such as snails and mussels in undammed small to medium sized clear shallow streams . More

The Flattened Musk Turtle has a much flatter carapace than other Musk Turtles. The top of the carapace is brown and the underside (plastron) is either pinkish or yellowish-brown. The head and neck are greenish with a pattern of dark lines. More

The flattened musk turtle is a small aquatic turtle with a distinctly flattened carapace up to 119 millimeters (4.7 in) long. Keels are virtually, if not altogether, lacking (Mount 1981). More

The flattened musk turtle was described by Tinkle and Webb (17) as Sternotherus depressus. Seidel and Lucchino (15) and Seidel, Reynolds, and Lucchino (16) considered S. depressus a full species, based on electrophoretic analysis. More

Endangered Status The Flattened Musk Turtle is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as threatened in Alabama, where it lives in the upper Black Warrior River system. More

The Flattened Musk Turtle is from the order Testudines. All turtles are testudines (or Chelonia). There are more than 280 different species belonging to this order. The Flattened Musk Turtle was first reported by Tinkle And Webb, 1955. More

Flattened musk turtleRecognition The oval carapace (to 11.5 cm) is wide and very flattened. Its sides always slope at an angle greater than 100┬░, and in juveniles the mean angle/height ratio is about 9.5:1. More

* Flattened musk turtle survey for pipeline ROW Resource Management Service, Inc. More

Flattened Musk Turtle Flattened carapace, dark pattern on light colored head, barbels on chin, and plastron is small. Common Musk TurtleTwo light stripes on each side of the head and barbels on the chin and throat. More

flattened musk turtle is _die musk turtle for sale der juedischen gemeinden_. Musk turtle, 1879-1882, 13, pp. More

Alabama red-bellied turtle and the flattened musk turtle were listed as endangered and threatened, respectively. Alabama is the historic range of both species. The ringed sawback turtle is threatened in its historic range of Louisiana and Mississippi. More

Common names

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Order : Testudines
Family : Kinosternidae
Genus : Sternotherus
Species : Sternotherus depressus
Authority : Tinkle and Webb, 1955