Mexican giant musk turtle

Young Mexican giant musk turtles are miniature versions of their parents. The most effective way to successfully incubate S. triporactus eggs is to maintain them in a cool, dry environment for the first two to three months of incubation. More

Mexican giant musk turtle; Musk turtle; Common musk turtle; Eastern musk turtle; Loggerhead musk turtle; Razorback musk turtle; Stripe-neck musk turtle; Stripe-necked musk turtle; Yangtze giant softshell turtle; Asian giant river turtle; Musk oxen; Musk duck; Musk lorikeet; Musk ox; Musk deer; Yangtze giant soft-shell More

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Mexican Giant Musk Turtle, Mexican Musk Turtle, Northern Giant Musk Turtle Assessment Information - Red List Category & Criteria: Lower Risk/near threatened ver 2. More

species, called the Mexican giant musk turtle, has a carapace that reaches 15 inches (38 centimeters) long. Males and females look quite similar. Males, however, usually have thicker and longer tails that are tipped with a spine. More

Common names

mexican giant musk turtle in English - English
Mexican musk turtle in English - English
Nagy keresztmellűteknős in Hungarian - Magyar
Staurotypus triporcatus in Dutch - Nederlands
Tortuga-almizclera tres lomos in Spanish - español

Order : Testudines
Family : Kinosternidae
Genus : Staurotypus
Species : Staurotypus triporcatus
Authority : WIEGMANN 1828