Cat Island turtle

The Cat Island turtle is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Cat Island Turtle RC-476 Please link to this site. Catspaw Pearlymussel RC-579 Please link to this site. Cave Crayfish (Cambarus zophonastes) RC-605 Please link to this site. Cave Crayfish (Cambarus aculabrum) RC-604 Please link to this site. Cebu Black Shama RC-419 Please link to this site. More

* Countries in which the the Cat Island turtle, Cat Island is known to occur: Bahamas More

as the Cat Island Turtle or Slider in the Bahamas) and smaller populations can also be found on the islands of Eleuthera, Andros Island, Exumas and New Providence. More

and the Cat Island Turtle (Pseudemys felis) found only on these two islands are distinct species native to The Bahamas.. The Bahamian Hutia (Geocapromys ingrahamii) is the only endemic land mammal in The Bahamas. It is a tail-less rodent somewhat larger than a rat. More

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The Cat Island Turtle a Reptile of Problematic Origin; including a bibliography of the genus Trachemys in the West Indies Region. Abstract Bahamian populations of Trachemys terrapen are currently considered to to be derived from released individuals of Jamaican stocks. More

Cat Island Turtle, Jamaica Slider, Jamaican Slider Description - Habitat Biome: Terrestrial ; Freshwater Taxonomy - More

Common names

Cat Island turtle in English - English
Jamaica Slider in English - English
jamaican slider in English - English
Черепаха красноухая in Russian - русский язык

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Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Trachemys
Species : Trachemys terrapen
Authority : BONNATERRE 1789