* Examples: Slider Widget in action. * API Documentation: View the full API documentation for the Slider Widget. * Download: Slider Widget as part of the full YUI Library. More

The Slider component is a UI control that enables the user to adjust values in a finite range along one or two axes. More

In baseball, a slider is a pitch that breaks laterally and down, with a speed between that of a curveball and that of a fastball. The break on the pitch is shorter than that of a curveball. More

A slider phone is composed of usually two, but sometimes more segments that slide past each other on rails. More

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the Slider component is determined by the relative location of the thumb between the end points of the slider, corresponding to the minimum and maximum values of the Slider component. More

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to cause the slider's value to influence the behavior of a second object. For example, you could associate the slider with a picture and shrink it or enlarge it based on the relative position, or value, of the slider's thumb. More

The slider is similar to the cutter, a pitch which is thrown as a fastball, but differs in the sense that a slider tends to be more of a breaking ball. More

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Slider Sport: Exciting and easy to drive yet challenging in difficult areas. You have this exhilarating freedom of skating on the surface of land/water or anything in between. The unique skirt design gives Slider amazing stability when performing those breath-taking spins and turns. More

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slider phones and choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and manufacturers. AT&T's selection includes the LG CF360, Motorola Karma, Samsung a777. Showing 13 standard phones or devices Compare products by selecting two to five items listed below. More

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Common names

Buchstabenschmuckschildkrote, Rotwangenschmuckschi in German - Deutsch
common slider in English - English
dime-store turtle in English - English
Pond Slider, scripta in English - English
red-eared slider in English - English
red-eared slider turtle in English - English
Roodwangschildpad in Dutch - Nederlands
Slider in English - English
slider turtle in English - English
tortue à oreilles rouges in French - français
Tortuga gravada in Spanish - español
Turtle in English - English
Черепаха красноухая in Russian - русский язык
アカミミガメ in Japanese - 日本語

Picture of Trachemys scripta has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Original source: Flickr
Author: Drew Avery
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Trachemys
Species : Trachemys scripta
Authority : SCHOEPFF 1792