Texas map turtle

A Texas map turtle in an aquarium Conservation status Least Concern (IUCN 3. More

Texas map turtles don't have black-tipped knobbing (unlike Mississippi & Black-Knobbed maps), & their knobs are small. Their skin is extensively (yellow) striped; the overall effect is grey to dark skin with long yellow stripes. More

Texas Map Turtles are great turtles for a community habitat with Mud Turtles, Musk Turtles, Sliders, Cooters, other Map Turtles and Painted Turtles. More

Range: Texas - The Texas Map Turtle (Graptemys versa) is found in the Colorado River System. It is also found in most of the streams, creeks and lakes that are connected to this river. Description: Graptemys versa is smallest of the map turtles. More

Click here for video of the Texas map turtle in its natural habitat More

Baby Texas Map Turtle Trying To Eat A CricketAdded to Quicklist1:04Baby Texas Map Turtle Trying To Eat A Cricket819 viewsearthling1984 My Turtles (2x Trachemys SS + 2x Graptemys Ouachitensis Added to Quicklist4:01My Turtles (2x Trachemys SS + 2x Graptemys Ouac... More

This male Texas map turtle is spending a carefree morning in a picturesque stream grazing upon snails. Nearby this female also took advantage of the abundant snails and had breakfast amid idyllic scenery. More

similar Texas map turtle, the threatened Cagle’s map turtle in endemic to three Texas waterways—the Guadalupe, San Antonio and San Marcos rivers—but can also be found in associated creeks and tributaries. Named for Fred R. More

The Texas Map Turtle is probably the most unique colored turtle in Texas. This turtle was photographed at Barton Springs Habitat Preserve. More

the Texas Map Turtle, Graptemys versa, it is a smaller species than the other Graptemys species. Males are around 4.5 inches and females get up to 7 inches. G. caglei is a narrow-head species, although it does not belong to the sawback group. More

The Texas map turtle is found only in the Colorado River and its tributary streams within the Edwards Plateau of the Hill Country. Females grow larger than males, sometimes reaching up to 7 inches in length. More

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The Texas Map Turtle is from the order Testudines. All turtles are testudines (or Chelonia). There are more than 280 different species belonging to this order. The Texas Map Turtle was first reported by Stejneger, 1925. More

The Cagle Map Turtle is quite similar to the Texas map Turtle, in that their fully matured size for a Male does not exceed 4.5”, and the females do not exceed 7”. This Map species exhibits a greenish hue to their carapace. More

commonly called the Texas Map Turtle, is found only within the Edwards Plateau region of Central Texas. It makes its home with in the streams and tributaries of the Colorado River drainage area (Bartlett 1999; Ernst 1994; Smith 1952). More

TEXAS MAP TURTLE, Graptemys versa Texas Map Turtles are only found in the Colorado River drainage on the Edwards Plateau. This is a smaller map turtle with females only attaining a length of 7 1/2 inches. More

Common names

texas map turtle in English - English
Граптемис in Russian - русский язык
картообразная черепаха из Техаса in Russian - русский язык

Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Graptemys
Species : Graptemys versa
Authority : Stejneger, 1925