Western pond turtle

The Western pond turtle is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Western Pond Turtle occurs in both permanent and intermittent waters, including marshes, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. They favor habitats with large amounts of emergent logs or boulders, where they aggregate to bask. Individuals display aggressive behavior toward one another while sunning. More

The Western Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata) rarely lives in ponds, but rather is found near streams, large rivers, and slow moving water. It enjoys basking in the sun on rocks and logs. It feeds on insects, larvae, small fish, frogs, and plants. More

the effort to restore a western pond turtle population in the Puget lowlands, where the species used to be common. More

western pond turtle thumbThe Western Pond Turtle line art version was drawn in 2003 and the digital tinting was added in 2007. This illustration won the 2005 Reptiles Magazine art contest. More

western pond turtle is currently under debate; at present, the IUCN Red List recognises that the western pond turtle belongs in its own genus, Actinemys marmorata (1), however, there is deliberation that it may belong to the genus Emys (6). More

Head-started Western Pond Turtles (Clemmys marmorata marmorata) in their First Season in the Wild. Unpublished M.S. Thesis: Portland State University. 135 pp. * Clark, Walton H. and John B. Southall. 1920. More

Overall, western pond turtles have been described as habitat generalists. Pond turtles have been observed in slow-moving rivers and streams (e.g. in oxbows), lakes, reservoirs, permanent and ephemeral wetlands, stock ponds, and sewage treatment plants. More

The western pond turtle's habitat includes streams, large rivers, and slow-moving water. They are most common in areas with large rocks and boulders, where they go to bask in the sun. More

of western pond turtles basking in the sun atop an old snag. These cold-blooded reptiles spend much of their day regulating their body temperature. In cool weather, they leave the water to bask in the sun at favorite basking sites. More

Western Pond Turtle Slide Show For more information on Western Pond Turtles visit Herpetology Northwest. More

The Western Pond Turtle has an olive colored, low carapace (the top shell that covers the back of the turtle), with a network of brown or black lines. More

Western Pond Turtle at Pierce Lake Western Pond Turtle at Pierce Lake Western pond turtles have nearly disappeared from Washington, largely due to predation by nonnative bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana). More

Western Pond Turtle- Main Page From the Ponds Main Page. FROM THE PONDS The Bimonthly Electronic Newsletter of the Western Pond Turtle Project in Washington State By Kate Slavens Vol. More

Western pond turtles sun themselves (although fog was blocking much of the sun) at Sweet Springs preserve in Los Osos, CA Since the body temperature of turtles resembles the temperature of their environment, their main activity, besides looking for food, is to find places throughout the day to More

As most turtles in the Emydidae family, the Western pond turtle is omnivorous, though its diet tends toward the many smaller animals that live near ponds. It is also a scavenger. Apparently, it has to be in the water to be able to swallow its food. More

In Washington, the western pond turtle occurs in only a few small populations in the Columbia River Gorge. It used to occur widely in the southern Puget Sound lowlands, but is now extinct there. More

abundance of western pond turtles in Washington and describes factors affecting the population and its habitat. It prescribes strategies to recover the species, such as protecting the population, evaluating and managing habitat, and initiating research and education programs. More

western pond turtles swallow all their food in water and appear unable to swallow food in air! * Western pond turtles are wary and shy. More

Common names

Márványos víziteknős in Hungarian - Magyar
Northwestern Pond Turtle in English - English
Pacific pond turtle in English - English
Pacificpond Turtle in English - English
pallida: Southwestern Pond Turtle, Southern Pacifi in English - English
Pazifische Sumpfschildkröte in German - Deutsch
Southwestern Pond Turtle in English - English
Tortuga marmoleada in Spanish - español
western pond turtle in English - English
Western Pond Turtle, Pacific Pond Turtle in English - English

Order : Testudines
Family : Emydidae
Genus : Actinemys
Species : Actinemys marmorata
Authority :

Actinemys marmorata